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Two out of five identity theft victims surveyed by the Identity Theft Assistance Center (ITAC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting identity theft through victim assistance, research and law enforcement partnerships) know how their personal data was stolen. This knowledge provides valuable insight about how identity theft occurs.

When ITAC surveyed 275 identity theft victims who worn the ITAC's open tune over a one-month episode, 160 customers (58%) did not know the supply of their identity theft. Another 115 customers (42%) did know how their information was compromised. These 115 customers attributed their identity theft to the next supplys:

* contacts, relatives, in-home workers - 26 gear, or 22.61% * notebook hacker/virus/phishing - 25 gear, or 21.74% * letters (stolen or fraudulent address change) - 24 gear, or 20.87% * abandoned/stolen wallet, checkbook or believe excess - 15 gear, or 13.04% * shady venture or worker - 12 gear, or 10.43% * records betrayal - 8 gear, or 6.96% * House burglarized - 4 gear, or 3.48% * minute believe - 1 casing, or 0.87%

receiving accurate information about the supplys of identity theft is trying because identity theft - the notch of a fraudulent new account or account invasion - is regularly confworn with other types of fraud, like the unauthorized use of a believe excess.

Nevertheless, it is up to each of us to be on safety against the possibility that our documents, or nastiest yet, our processors, could be compromised. Sometimes it may look like a behind fight, but they are some steps we can take to avert suitable the next victim. Here are some precautions:

* Do not keep your communal wellbeing excess in your wallet.

* If your communal wellbeing number is on your driver's excess, detach it. (In some states it is now banned for a driver's excess to be issued with a communal wellbeing number. )

* When shredding important documents, make surely you use a irritated-cut. “If it is tattered in strips and not irritated-cut, I can put it down right in front of me and put it back together and there you have it, " says “John", who uses his skills as a processor safety specialist to shelter you, and is skilled in the conduct of hackers and thieves and can ruin your believe and your life.

* “Don't use wireless for something that you would not want put in a open newspaper. still it's a careful convenience, your information is frankly hovering in mid-air. I could be two blocks away with a high-powered receiver selection up his information. "

* The key is safety in deepness or layers: opposing-virus, processor patches, and firewalls, and most importantly, updating them once a week. There are types of shelterion for wireless but they can be hacked in as little as twenty resume.

Because cybercriminals are suitable smarter and more sophisticated in their operations, they are frank threats to your personal safety and privacy. Your money, your processor, your family, and your venture are all at menace.

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