How To Make Gold And Get Rich Playing World of Warcraft


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First off we need to make very clear that you will not become a real life millionaire by playing world of warcraft. What this guide intends to do is to make your character rich. Fore some people making gold in wow is the hardest thing to do but it is not really the case. It is just a question of figuring out where to go and what to use to make lots of gold in world of warcraft.

The following are probably the most important factors in achieving gold wealth playing WoW:

Auction House: It is the key location to make as much money as you want but it takes a lot of learning. You will need to spend a long time here making sure that you figure out how it works. Put items up for sale as much as you can; this and get a feel of how everything works. And make sure you use these two mods: the Auctioneer and Bottomscanner.

Use Multiple Personalities: You can't hold on to everything you make and gather in World of Warcraft. By having more than one character, this will allow you to transfer what is needed between characters when needed. Also make sure that you have characters that live in the major cities; this will allow you to access the more important items and areas that are in the game not found out in the wilderness.

Skill: As in the real world the better your skill, the more money you make. The same applies in World of Warcraft. There is a plethora of skills to choose from. Skinning is a great one for making gold.

Trade Channels: Otherwise known as the flea market of the World Of Warcraft. Here you can make great deals which you can then multiply in profit when you turn them over at the auction house.

Those above are the key areas necessary to exploit in order to make as much gold as possible in World of Warcraft. The best way is to master one then move on to the other. Making gold in Wow is actually an easy process, it is holding on to it that is the tricky part. Learning to master all these areas will therefore better equip you in making it using different strategies.

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Lets Make Gold in World of Warcraft! Use These 5 Quick Tips to Make More Gold ..
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