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It is true, Windows Notepad is able to be the one weapon in your software development armory. Even the most complex of programming languages is read with ease by Notepad, however, if you want to make your development life much more relaxing and hassle free, there is a large array of tools available to you.

These tools utilize what is widely known as “user friendly" software packages that are specially built to make programming easier. If it be for desktop or for web, there is a software package out there designed to help.

These packages give you, the developer, a window for hard coding, i. e. the actual nitty gritty of programming the software. This is the same as notepad I hear you cry! Well yes, it is, however does Notepad give you colour coding, Intellisense, automatic indentation and on the fly compilation? No? EXACTLY!!! Now for those thinking, hey, this guy is just talking rubbish! Let me go into some detail on all those buzz words. Firstly, without colour coding, Programming code looks exactly like the words you are reading now. . that is no help! Intellisense is the act of “code hints", whilst the developer is programming, a little pop up window will appear with the software predicting what it is you wish to type! The art of Indentation is that of making your code more readable, blocks of related code will be indented to signify their relationship. And last but by no means least, on the fly compilation, this is the package’s handy little way of telling you something you have coded, just won’t work!

These software development tools also give the developer an alternative to develop the software with a simple click of the mouse. Instead of ‘hard coding, ’ a software engineer can click pre-defined applications and object on the software development tool and come up with a finished product. Of course the developer still needs to debug his program by checking on the hard code after developing the software through the pre-defined applications and objects.

Because of these features, development tools are now an indispensable companion to engineers and developers everywhere. Not only have they helped cut development time, they have also helped make the quality of the end product greatly improved.

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