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How To Download Music To My iPod From iTunes With These Simple Steps


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Here are many very helpful tips when asking how to download music to my ipod that will make your life much easier for downloading music from iTunes and many other useful tips

This is how you can download iTunes onto your computer. It’s really very simple. Put music onto iTunes. Plug in your iPod into the computer using the USB cord it came with, and follow the instructions that pop up.

If you have already put music onto your ipod, the only way to get music off is by plugging it into the computer and either un-checking the song, or deleting it from your iTunes library.

It can be plugged into a different computer than the original one, but I do NOT recommend it, because it will take off all the songs you already have and put the songs the new computer has on it.

You can connect your ipod to the computer using a USB port. If you don’t know what a USB port is then just find a place on the comp where the plug fits and it will probably work.

Once the ipod is connected to the comp and you are on itunes, it should automatically take the songs from your play list and put it on the ipod. You could read the little manual that comes with the ipod too. How to download music to my ipod is a question that can be answered pretty quickly.

One of the things with how to download music to my ipod and getting music from itunes is after a while it gets a bit expensive, so your probably better off getting music from friends cds.

To get music from a cd to your ipod you have to first insert the cd and it should come up in your itunes browser. Just select the cd then click import. It will then go to your library where you can then put it on your ipod.

From a CD: When you insert a CD into your disk drive, a screen should come up in iTunes that lists the track names. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen will be a button that says “Import CD. " You're iPod should automatically sync with your iTunes when you connect it to the computer.

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How to Download Music on Your iPod
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