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Why Buy Substandard Cheap Computer Hardware When you Can Get Quality Hardware at Wholesale?


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Whether it’s for your own computer repair business or just a hobby, using low grade cheap computer hardware is a false economy and never a good idea.

Anyone who’s learnt this lesson the hard way will be able to tell you this – when it comes to the smooth running of either your or your client’s PC don’t take chances, quality is of paramount importance for optimal performance and long term financial sense.

Spending a bit extra for high quality equipment is money very well spent – but what if you could pay wholesale rates – even if you don’t have a business?

Yes there is another way of acquiring cheap computer hardware that is not bottom of the range bargain bucket junk that will only make your machine run like a dog and need replacing a few months down the line.

With the popularity of ebay selling as a means of making extra cash - and for some becoming a full time occupation – the emergence of dropshipping directories has made a whole host of wholesale products available to the end consumer.

Dropshipping however does not come without its own pitfalls and red flags. Just do an internet search on the term “dropship directory" and you’ll see lots of results with the word “scam" involved.

It seems there is a bit of a jungle out there in the dropshipping world so it’s best to do a bit of research before handing over any cold hard cash as they charge either a one time joining fee or a monthly or yearly subscription.

Some charge more than others, some have different ranges or products, some lines of products require you have a registered business some don’t – it’s all a bit of a grey area although something about the concept has got to be doing something right because dropshipping – particularly for use in conjunction with ebay selling – is huge.

An alternative is to register a business and get in touch with your local hardware wholesalers. This isn’t always as easy as you think if you don’t have the connections but can be done.

At least doing it this way you know you’re getting high quality cheap computer hardware at discounted prices. Spending a bit of time finding and establishing a relationship with your local wholesalers can turn out to be a safer bet than taking your chances with the wild west of dropshipping.

Either way there is an alternative to paying top dollar for high grade equipment and you definitely don’t want to go bargain basement.

With a little time, research and a bit of investment can ensure you enjoy the benefits of wholesale priced, high quality cheap computer hardware .

Peter Webber is the owner of a site that covers how to quickly source cheap computer hardware as well as many other topics related to starting a computer business or finding an IT job.


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