Nintendo Wii Game Review - WarioWare: Smooth Moves

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"Smooth Moves", the ingenious new WarioWare game for the Nintendo Wii is already being talked about as one of the best Wii games far. Although, as you'll see, there are a few gripes, the game's ability to draw a crowd and suck them into seriously addictive play is making it a true “must have" for all new Wii owners.

The Plot: After uncovering a mysterious book and a strange device known as the “Form Baton", Wario and the other characters suddenly find themselves with a new set of crazy moves. The characters, controlled in various ways with the Wii remote, must now get through the hurdles of various high-speed games. The new moves your characters will learn such as squatting and scribbling, swinging and spinning are not only physically challenging to the players using the Wii remote, but they are also really funny to watch. The challenges throughout the micro-games include some of craziest and funniest situations and scenes in any Nintendo game so far.

One of the great features players will first notice is how the game developers have taken full advantage of the Wii controllers’ unique features to make this game so exciting. For starters, players will have to continually change the way they hold and use the Wii remote to control the characters in the nearly 200 micro-games they must clear. This makes it a very appropriate party game, as it's so wild to watch and cheer on each player as they take their turn and try to get through the next challenge. Expect to get laughed at when it's your turn, as you'll end up wiggling, squirming, and swatting yourself as you learn to make the Wii controllers get your character to do your bidding.

Luckily, Wario will give you guidance along the way!

Admittedly, the many fun and wild challenges that make up the micro-games did not allow for any deeply-developed story lines, rather they are all fun and fast. Its real draw is that it's challenging for you to physically move along with the Wii remote, clear the game, collect your souvenirs and move on to the next one. Although this makes for a real party-pleaser that's more than worth the cost of this game, it won't be long before players have gotten through all the challenges, so the long term playability is certainly shortened on this one.

For the most part though, WarioWare: Smooth Moves is an awesome addition to your Wii collection. Expect this game to finally get Wario the recognition he deserves up along with his predecessor Mario. As it's great for group play and for showing off the capabilities of the new Wii remote, it's bound to become a standard purchase for any Wii owner. Although it has short term playability, the fun and excitement you and your friends will have while you are playing it makes it more than worth the cost.

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