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In the world of World of Warcraft, the real magic lies in creating macros. By using macros, you can enhance and personalize your gaming experience. Once you’ve created them, you can bring up all sorts of nifty little commands with just the touch of a button. And probably the best thing them is that you don’t need to be a programming expert.

Creating a World of Warcraft macro is as simple as typing /macro or clicking on the talk button and selecting “macro. " Doing either of these things will present you with a pop-up box listing your macros.

The first time, of course, the list will be incredibly short. Because, you know, you won’t have any macros yet. That will change very quickly, however. Since there are any number of web sites that will give you detailed instructions on exactly what you need to do to add macros, we’ll end the instructions here.

The point is that macros can increase your enjoyment of the game and you should use take every advantage they offer. For instance, let’s say you are exactly the fastest typist in the west.

You can make a macro that repeats text for you so you don’t have to face the mind-numbing repetition of typing the same thing over and over again and over and over and over again. Yeah, that repetition can be a real buzzkill. In addition, you can use macros to repeat text for online auctions. You can also create macros that will perform a list of commands. World of Warcraft macros can do many, many things.

And here’s the best part. You don’t have spend time thinking up all the wonderful things that macros can be used for. Fortunately for you, the world is populated with a seemingly unlimited number of people who apparently have nothing better to do than figure out how to create macros that do things you would probably never even have thought of.

The world of World of Warcraft macros is already more populous than the town of Springfield. (The one on The Simpsons. ) In fact, you may find yourself spending more time at first tracking down useful macros than you will learning anything else about the game. Just be aware that some sites will give you access to their macro scripts with little fuss or trouble, but many of the more comprehensive sites require that you register before you can get access to the really cool stuff.

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