Are Hard Drives Better for Backups than CD/DVDs or Tapes?

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Are hard drives better for backups than CD/DVDs or Tapes? Tapes have issues and so do CD/DVDs. Well, on thing is for sure. These are better than nothing. In fact, a thumb drive or USB drive is better than nothing but weigh all of the facts before you come to any conclusion.

First, tapes wear out. I do not care what the manufacturer says a tape will wear out. just read the fine print and you will see. In fact, tape drives wear out faster than hard drives plus they get filthy. ow you have to buy more tapes and special cleaning tapes. Remember, it is not safe to have just 5 tapes you do need more than that.

Second, CD/DVDs can wear out. It is true a tape can be zapped with a magnetic but a CD/DVD should not be hurt by one. But remember, this medium had a focussed laser or light add the data to the disc. So over time, light can affect the disc.

I mentioned a thumb drive as being better than nothing and while that is true they have their own major issue. Space. These little guys pack a lot of space into those strips but you will need more and these devices are utilized for short-term storage not long-term.

Hard drives are the best storage medium. If used and stored properly they will last for years. Just make sure the drive is of a new model. The reason is their internal software. Hard drives are smarter these days due to the error control and the fact that they can detect a flawed area on the platter and they can avoid it. Try that with a tape. They are also vacuumed sealed so they cannot get dirty. The only restriction is that you keep them in a cool location free from magnetic activity.

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