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For my new business I needed several all-in-one printers. Features needed included faxing, scanning, copying, letter printing, and occasionally photo printing. Because of needing several printers I didn’t want to spend too much per printer. However print speed was an important issue for me.

After reading reviews and shopping around I selected the HP Officejet 6310 All-In- One printer. I like the HP brand because it is very popular. That means it is well supported with drivers (good compatibility), and it is easy to find ink supplies. The print speed is very good, especially when set on draft. I find the print quality to be good, even in draft mode. In fact the copy speed is good enough that I have not gotten a dedicated copy machine that I expected to need. Fax and scan speeds are also very good. The included software is very comprehensive and easy to use. I have only used the photo printing a couple times and it seems to print good photos. Over the last three months of heavy use the printers have been very dependable. I have had only a couple minor paper jams after printing more than 10,000 sheets. My main use of the printers is at my insurance office, if you have any questions my web site is www.farmersagent.com/glamb . The memory card slots are handy and easy to use.

I have some reservations about the ink cartridges. It costs $45 for the machines 2 cartridges. They seem to drain fast; I wish they held more ink. I would also like to have a larger paper tray so it wouldn’t have to be filled as often. I paid about $250 each for the printers. I have seen them on sale recently as low as $200. Over all I think the HP 6310 is a good value for the money.

The author, Glenn Lamb, is an insurance agent in Texas; and a mortgage broker and owner of Texas Capital Mortgage. Visit my sites at http://business-insurance-houston.com and http://texas-flood-insurance.com


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