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Emoticons are sideways frowns and smiles, which are generally used in emails, online forums and chat rooms to signify an emotion or facial expression. In very simple words, emoticons are signs that express a feeling or facial expression. You can use these emoticons by typing in the keyboard of your computer. They can be of two types, ASCII characters and images. ASCII characters include :-) which means happy smile and :( which means sad. The word emoticon has been derived from two words: emotion and icon. Emoticons are icons, which carry emotions. By using your keyboard, you can form emoticons, which depend on how you feel and express yourself. For example, when you are happy you type :) and when you are sad you type :(. You can use emoticons in your communication with friends in the cyber world. These signs are very well liked and used in the Instant Messengers and various chat rooms.

Do not confuse emoticons with other kinds of icons (like buddy icons) because emoticons are very tiny in size. The size of emoticons is generally from 10*10 pixels to 24*24 pixels. Commonly, you will find emoticons of gif format but then again they can be of other formats. These emoticons should add to the text messages and it should not be used as an interruption. It is for this reason that they are small in size so that they can enhance the text messages.

ASCII emoticons require you to slant your head to the left hand side so that you can understand the emoticons properly and clearly. Many people still use this kind of emoticons while communicating online with their friends. Emoticons in the form of an image are the latest addition to emoticons. The image emoticons are better in conveying your message because they are clearer and easier to understand than the ASCII emoticons. The most important thing about icon image emoticons is that the chances of your getting a painful neck are less, as you do not have to tilt your head to understand the emoticons. You can easily understand the meaning of each image emoticons.

Some of the different Instant Messaging programs that allow the use of emoticons are Yahoo Messenger and Msn Messenger. In these programs when you use the ASCII characters, they will be changed to icon images. All the emotions in these programs are shown in the form of an icon. You will find a lot of emoticons which you can use while chatting on Instant Messenger, writing on online forums, chatting on chat rooms, etc. Some of the very well liked and frequently used emoticons are smiling faces.

Everyone who knows how to log on to the Internet and chat or take part in public forums knows how to use emoticons because they are very simple to use. They also convey your feelings and facial expressions clearly while communicating over the Internet. It is no wonder that more and more people are making use of emoticons.

Emoticons are sideways frowns and smiles, which are generally used with buddy icons in emails and chat rooms to signify an emotion or facial expression.


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