Laptop or Desktop: Which is the Right Computer for You?

Kathryn Lively

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These days, a computer is more than a luxury. It has become a household necessity. Where television and radio once served as the primary resources for news and entertainment, computers with Internet access are fast taking the number one spot on the list of top communication devices. They are vital to communities large and small, a must for every family.

That said, it goes without saying that no one computer can satisfy the needs of every family. When planning to purchase a computer system, one should consider a number of factors before handing over a credit card to a sales clerk. What do you need the computer to do? How fast does it need to run? What peripherals do you need in order for it to work to satisfy you?

Moreover, are you better off with a laptop computer, or a desktop system?

It may not seem like a decision worth consideration, but the fact is: how your computer system comes packaged can determine its usefulness for you and your family. As with buying a car, a television set, or any large appliance, you want to be sure the computer you purchase is the right one. Your computer must have the capabilities and memory to suit your needs, it is a purchase you should never regret making.

Before you make a decision, take note of a few lifestyle factors and determine from there what you need to buy to serve you and your family in the best way possible.

Home Life

Do you work from home? Do you have children who might benefit from using a computer for learning? Do you prefer to do your banking and other financial transactions online? Does your job or class load require you to create documents or presentations? Would you rely upon a computer heavily for entertainment? Does your household need a great amount of organization and filing?

Work Life

Do you travel often for your job? Are you able to afford an Internet connection for your home? Are you required to have documents and presentations handy at short notice? Do you find you would use a computer more for work than for leisure?

For families in which everybody would benefit from a computer, a desktop system may be the right decision. A desktop arrangement can offer a large monitor, whether traditional or flat screen, so all ages can see graphics and documents clearly. All of your household finances and files, genealogical information, and educational games may be stored within for simple access. A strong Internet connection, too, provides convenience for young students doing research.

For people married to work, a laptop may be a good investment. If you travel often for work, a laptop's portability is its greatest asset. Take all of your work documents and presentations with you and distribute through the Internet as needed. Take advantage of cafes and public areas with free wireless access and do your job anywhere. Special messaging software with voice functions also allow you to use your laptop as a phone, so you are always in touch.

Usability, convenience, and luxury are three factors involved in your decision to buy a computer. Price may ultimately be the tiebreaker, but always remember to take every aspect of work and play into consideration before making a purchase.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer offering free SEO advice to aspiring authors and webmasters. She writes for The Computer Connection, the home for affordable military computer financing .


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