The 4 Types Of Warehouse Barcode Labels


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Warehouses require different types of barcode labels depending on the needs and the storage items. They are 4 basic types of barcode labels used in warehouses. They are

1) Location Barcode Labels

These are used for finding out the items in a warehouse. They are mostly used to pinpoint the location of a particular item. They are usually placed on shelves and have registered numeric codes which the warehouse owner would know. Each location barcode label has durable adhesives so that they can be easily stick to the side of shelves, racks etc

2) Reflective Barcode Labels

Reflective Barcode Labels contains a series of barcode which are readable by humans. They are usually quite large and can be scanned from quite a distance. They are usually mount on a wall or hung from the ceiling. They are usually made of metal for durability purposes.

3) Floor Barcode Labels

Floor barcode labels are stuck on floors and use highly durable adhesives to permanently stick them on the floor. They are usually made of metal such as steel and aluminum so that they can withstand the abuse of long term vehicular traffic inside the warehouse and chemicals etc

4) Pallet Barcode Labels

These are the most common barcode labels you will see in a warehouse. They are used to tag pallets or crates that are moving from one location to another location. They are made tough to withstand industrial conditions and like floor barcode labels, they are usually made of metals.

All 4 types of warehouse barcode labels are usually printed with a alpha numeric code in a certain order depending on the warehouse owner’s preferences. They are usually printed using thermal transfer printers because it allows the barcode labels to be more accurate and clearer.

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