Sony PlayStation 3 vs. Microsoft Xbox 360


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Regardless of the interest you have at heart or the business you are in there is always a rivalry between the best in anything. Pepsi vs. Coke. Wal-Mart vs. Target. Coors vs. Budweiser. You get the point, when it comes to being the best it doesn’t matter who you are, there is always a rival and there is always somebody ready to take up the argument of the “other guys".

The video game industry is no different than any other so when it comes to being a hardcore video gamer in the present day there are two choices for you in which to choose your alliance, Microsoft or Sony. More specifically, you need to choose between their golden children, the PlayStation and Xbox empires. For those of you incapable of making the decision yourself, read the following to understand what both have to offer.

  • Xbox was released over a year ago with no competitor as Sony had yet to release its new PlayStation 3, delaying it over a year to make it competitive. PlayStation 3 seems to have done so with a Cell Broadband Engine to power its newest entry into the video gaming arms race. Whether you know which is better without playing both is solely based on if you are a computer genius or not. If not, which most of us are not, understand that both are based on having multiple processors running at the same time.
  • Just as you would expect, both manufacturers offer different packages for buyers in retail outlets across the country. Generally, each is offered in a “core" package and a “premium" package with names varying at different retail outlets. Basically, what you have to choose from is a basic system with no hard drive, but everything else. A system that provides you with 20GB of hard drive and a different system that offers 60GB of hard drive. Xbox 360 is generally around $100 cheaper in all categories at the moment, but it has also been around for a year longer.
  • Where PlayStation 3 is separating itself from Xbox 360 at the time being is in the game discs or capability with Blu-Ray technology. Blu-Ray technology allows for more space on each disc which means that developers and designers can go deeper and more sophisticated with game play in each game. This is exclusive to PlayStation 3 at the moment, but you can bet that all systems will have it in the coming years.
  • Both video gaming giants offer an online gaming service to allow gamers to be able to compete with each other across the world. Xbox Live is currently the more well known of the two services, but it does cost money in the form of a monthly subscription to be able to use it. PlayStation 3 is preparing to have a massive online community along with the launch of the system itself, with the difference between them and Xbox being that PS3’s online service will be offered without charge.

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