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Getting a real cheap PDA is not the easiest task in the world. There are quite a few pitfalls that await the ones who try. But it is still worth the effort. There are two reasons why cheap PDA's are now easier to get than ever:

1. This is because the fact that over 30 million PDA's were sold until the end of 2004, and, many of these PDA's are now being sold, or have been refurnished or rectified. This represents an opportunity for us to get a Palm One or ant other PDA, for dirt cheap, if you're will to go for a rectified device instead of a new one.

2. The dazzling speed in which new PDA's are released into the market makes today's new models out of date tomorrow. This is of course hogwash. Last year's Palm is still a great device. So if you're not keen on getting the newest model, you'll be finding many of yesterday's models at great discounts.

OK, so now we know that the opportunity exits. So what do we have to do in order to cease it?

Well, a good idea would be to define which PDA model, or models you are after, and what kind of PDA you want to get - a new one, a used one or a rectified one?

Some people would never touch a device that is not entirely new. If you're one of them, your option is the new one only. After you determine the range of models you consider, take a look online at places like Amazon, Palm One Store and the like. If you included some of the older model's in your range of options, you are very likely to get a great price for a new PDA.

If you're willing to go for a rectified or a used PDA, you are much more likely to find devices at bottom-low prices. Look at rectified PDA's first at the manufacturer's website. In many cases, they will offer some devices they can't sell as new ones for a reduced price. Getting rectified PDA directly from the manufacturer or a certified agent will get you a manufacturer's warranty which is very important as you're not buying a new device.

If the rectified PDA's prices don't suit you, you can look for a used Palm at Just be aware of the fact that you're taking a risk buying a used PDA from a private party. In any case, be sure you are clear on the warranty they give you, if any.

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