The Variety of Roles Fulfilled by LED Lighting Devices


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At present, LEDs are extensively used in many different branches of the industry, taking many different forms and fulfilling a wide range of roles. Miniature LED devices are incorporated in thousands of products, including computer components, VCR, DVD, Stereo, Audio and Video equipments, gaming devices, security equipments, mobile phones, digital cameras, medical instruments, encoders, optical switches, fiber optic communication devices, etc.

While miniature LEDs play a set of crucial roles when they are integrated into small-sized technological products, larger scale LEDs can be successfully used as sources of illumination. LED lighting devices have proved to be the best alternative to traditional light sources (particularly incandescent and fluorescent light devices) and have already replaced such illuminating devices in many segments of the industry. LED lighting devices are nowadays commonly used for emergency / police vehicle lighting, traffic and rail lighting, accent lighting – pathways, marker lights, emergency lighting – exit signs, architectural lighting and signage – channel letters, etc.

LED lighting devices have evolved considerably over the last few years and nowadays offer a wide range of benefits (energy efficiency, impressively long life span, durability, wide range of colors, no UV emissions, flexible design, silent operation, low-voltage power supply, easy to maintain) that render them superior to traditional, obsolete sources of light. Thanks to their advantages, LED lighting devices have become very popular and at present they are in great demand, being produced for both industrial and private, household use. Although LED illuminating sources such as LED bulbs, LED pods and LED tubes are already extremely reliable, economical, safe and durable, scientists claim that future designs will be substantially more efficient and a lot more affordable, incorporating high tech, innovative materials.

The great features of LED lighting devices (especially the wide range of colors and the economical character of LEDs) have caught the attention of many advertising companies and agencies that have rapidly started to use various designs for commercial purposes. Thus, LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED pods and various other LED lighting devices are nowadays included in most advertising panels and commercial signs, producing a multitude of vivid, bright colors. In addition, through inventive, imaginative combinations of colored LEDs, breathtaking color-changing effects can be produced by dynamically activating various arrays of LED lighting devices.

Some existing fixtures utilizing variable-intensity LEDs can produce more than 16 million colors, generating remarkable effects such as color washing, cross fading, random color changing, strobing and variable strobing. Such fixtures are easy to install and can be easily controlled via a PC or digital device. Multicolor LEDs can be used for lighting signage, decorative interiors, art exhibition interiors, simple and complex architectural structures, or the interior of different entertainment venues (clubs, discos, etc).

Both simple and complex LED lighting devices nowadays fulfill many different roles inside public and private institutions, industrial establishments, art and entertainment venues or simply private residences. While more complex LED lighting devices are more expensive, simple LED lighting devices such as LED bulbs, LED pods, LED displays and LED tubes have become increasingly more affordable. Such products come with long-term warranty certificates and can be purchased from a wide variety of offline and online specialized stores.

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