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As the demand for conferencing solutions grow, new technologies are developed to meet this demand. One of the pioneer technologies that were developed was audio conferencing, which made it easier and cheaper to conduct business between companies separated by great distances. However, since the inception of audio conferencing, new technologies were also developed, which were aimed at enhancing the conferencing experience between two parties. One of these is video conferencing, which does not only allow parties to discuss business matters in real time, but it also allows the parties to see each other during the “meeting" through the help of video technology.

Other uses

Given the added feature of being able to see the person they are speaking with, this technology has become a popular choice among businesses. However, the use of this technology has not only been limited for use in business. This is because this technology has also been used for other purposes such as for educational instruction, medical collaboration, surveillance, security, and emergency response.


Given that it has been able to serve various purposes, it can be expected that video conferencing provides a number of benefits and advantages to those who use it. One of the most obvious advantages is that it has provided business people with the ability to meet with their clients based in distant locations without having to incur huge costs that are associated with face to face business meetings. In addition to this, using the technology for educational purposes has also made the transfer of first hand information easier and more convenient. Lastly, this technology has also made it possible for the average Joe to have contact with other people in different countries without having to board a plane.

One of the more popular conferencing technologies is video conferencing because it allows people to not only hear the people they are speaking with but also see them as well. This is because apart from the added video feature, the way by which it can be used for other purposes such as for educational training has also contributed to the popularity of this technology.

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