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In this day and age, you need to use audiovisual media to get attention. Whether you are creating a simple presentation or a full on advertising campaign, knowing what audiovisual media are and how to maximize them to serve your needs will definitely make you stand out.

What exactly does the term “audiovisual" mean? You see audiovisual technology at work everywhere – in entertainment, in school, in corporate presentations, etc. The term “audiovisual" actually refers to the technology of combing visual output (such as a moving video, a photograph, or slides) with sound for the purpose of conveying information and ideas. Also called “multimedia output, " audiovisual presentations have taken many forms and are continuously evolving as technology progresses. It is mostly used in advertising, entertainment, and, on a smaller scale, in educational training programs and group presentations. It has also found its way into contemporary art. A visit to a contemporary art museum will show you that it’s not uncommon anymore to see talking paintings or short video clips with sounds on display.

There are advantages to using audiovisual media. Audiovisual presentations appeal to two of the most-used senses – sight and hearing – to produce the best effect on the audience. Unlike “passive" information media such as purely visual aids (like photographs or charts) or purely auditory channels (like voiceovers), audiovisual presentations give emphasis, clarify and reinforce messages, multiply the audience’s understanding of the information being presented, and generate more interest.

In most cases, the use of audiovisual media creates more impact than other forms. Studies show that audiovisual presentations, when well done, increase audience retention. Average people generally remember what they both see and hear, as opposed to what they only see or only hear. In fact, people retain only ten percent of information from an oral presentation, only thirty-five percent from a visual presentation, but a staggering sixty-five percent from an audiovisual presentation.

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