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TrueConf is quite useful in all areas such as for business and for personal use also. Its service is exceptionally good with finest quality assured. It not only promises but delivers the best. This company has been successful in implementing highly advanced video solutions in various fields to help people achieve their goals. For example, one can arrange and online meeting on their way to office. This is how one can save time and energy both. This saved energy and time you can invest in creating new ideas and plans for your office.

TrueConf has developed and implemented video services in several fields. For example TrueConf server is the technology developed especially for internal corporate use. It has been operated in educational institutes and also in government sectors. Even small scale business firms and biggest companies are also benefitted with it. TrueConf video conferencing software has solutions for audio encoding, transport and streaming. You can shake hand with this smart technology to mark your projects differently in the world of interactive telecommunication technologies.

Following are the services developed by TrueConf. Have a look to get a brief idea about them.

TrueConf Video Conferencing Server

TrueConf server has been developed to deliver the high quality video conferencing. It works with 250 participants at a time. It works in a multipoint conference within LAN or VPN. There is no need of hardware and is compatible with all popular platforms. TrueConf server gives best quality video on every device and channel. It is possible because this server uses SVC technology which is based on VP8 video code. Other features are acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC) and noise cancellation algorithms provides finest quality video.

TrueConf Online Cloud Video Conferencing Service

This one helps you to arrange an online meeting with your co-workers at any time at affordable rates. With the help of this service you can make free video calls with the participants involved in the conversation. You can also organize multipoint video conferencing for 6 participants and also conduct video tutorials. You can hold virtual meeting with up to 120 participants. It has five plans to offer such as “Free", “Lite", “Pro", “Corporate" and “Events".

TrueConf Mobile Video Conference App

Now you will be able to get in touch with your friends and colleagues with the help of mobile app by TrueConf. Whether it’s 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, it works on all networks. There is absolute no need to get registered if you are an active internet users. You can complete the authorization process through social networking sites. TrueConf mobile app is now also available on iOS and Android phones. It helps in cutting off the expenses people invest in making calls.

TrueConf Terminal: Room Conferencing System

Whether it’s ordinary meeting or boardroom meeting, TrueConf terminal is the useful one. It let everyone to participate in the conversation with the help of TrueConf server. It includes a LCD monitor with touch control. All the action is performed by touching the screen that retain icons for layouts, display, webcam, and mike control. You can make HD video call, simply by touching the name of the person from the built-in address book. It is impressive and offers lot of benefits too.

TrueConf Business Video Conferencing System

You can save time with the help of this conference service for business purpose. You can have discussion with your business partners and clients at any time, no matter where are they at that time provided your internet connection is active. You can also get connected to the experts such as translators or lawyers etc. You can be in the lime light by sharing the new updates of the market with your business clients and partners.

TrueConf for Distance Learning

Education hold great importance in one’s life and to accomplish the goal of higher education, this new technology surely helps. TrueConf offers distance learning option together with state and private educational organizations. Features are awesome such as students get the best tutor, exchange of information is possible, even physically impaired students can also participate, safe and easy to use. Students can also use license and the set of functions.

Additional information:

  • To get TrueConf on your PC, Mac, iOS and Android phones just click here.

Conclusion: TrueConf offers greatest solution for business and personal use. You can arrange an online meeting and make video calls at less expense. It is known for delivering high quality video calling. Now, you can get the TrueConf video conferencing app on your mobile also. Isn’t it great?

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