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VoIP Phone Calls - Calling Over IP Network


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The advanced voice communication has dramatically transformed the way business or corporate houses conduct their business in different parts of the world. The businesses are speedily migrating to systems which use advanced and unified communication rather than PSTN services. The cost-effective and enhancement of organisational productivity backed the services significantly. Apart from these benefits, advancement in technology has changed the way companies communicate and exchange the messages or images via single IP network. This efficient IP network and strong infrastructure worldwide tend to deliver superior voice quality and high quality VoIP solutions to business or casual users. Therefore, it can be said that IP solution is ideal for contact centres, ISP/ITSP solution, corporate business houses as well as switchless resellers.

This VoIP phone service is based on a packet switching technique, wherein the analogue audio signals are converted to IP compressed digital data. Importantly, the cost of transferring digital data over the Internet is cheaper than analogue signals in the pre-existing PSTN service. The process of transmitting the data directly results in cheap rates and unparalleled service.

The best part of VoIP phone calls is its state-of-art-technology which provides communication features such as flexibility, scalability and reliability at low cost without compromising on the quality of network. However, this advanced services provide a comprehensive communication environment for day to day dealings. While using the VoIP solutions, the users have privilege to run a wide variety of voice applications, receive and send faxes, expand circuits, get accurate billing along with customised reports and lots more.

To make VoIP calls, the users require only addition piece of equipment i. e. ATA. Analogue Telephone Adaptor or ATA is usually supplied by VoIP service provider at the time when the users sign up for the service. This device allows the users to make phone calls as normal, using the standard Calling through VoIP eliminates the need for costly dedicated landlines to connect callers. It offers a host of special features and capabilities which make communication more productive. The added features include 3-way calls, forward, return, and transfer a call, voicemail, caller ID and caller ID block and many more. With the advanced VoIP phone services, the users can enjoy long distance and international calls at lower rates.

Some of the best features of VoIP solution are as follows:

1. Functionality: The VoIP solution offers a complete functionality on the voice over IP platform including the services in the traditional circuit switched technology.

2. Cost Effective: By using the VoIP solutions, the users can save their monthly telephone bills by up to 40-60 percent than PSTN services. Therefore, migration to VoIP drastically cut down the communication cost.

3. Quality Network: The VoIP phone service provides the users a quality network to ensure an enhanced communication network. Thanks to the IP network, wherein calls are transmitted in data packets over Internet.

4. Reliability: The VoIP calls are reliable, as the users can experience fast and speedy data transformation.

5. Security: The VoIP service providers ensure robust security features, which boost the confidence level of business houses while communicating with their clients or customers.

6. Scalability: The users of IP telephony network enjoys scalability in terms of capacity and destinations. As a matter of fact, the users enjoy calling even from the remotest area

Moving ahead on the footprints of big houses, small and medium sized enterprises and individual users are considering IP telephony solutions as a part of their day-to-day communication. The business houses are opting for these voice over IP services so that they can improve internal operations while, casual users are happy with reduction in the phone bills.

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