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The VoIP Service Provider What is the Minimum Internet Speed Required For it to Run?


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Many people have been asking a particular question lately. What is the minimum Internet speed required for a VoIP to work properly? If you don't know the answer, your investment in the VoIP service provider could very well end up a total waste. So this article will show you how to avoid making that mistake by telling you what the minimum Internet speed you should have is.

This might come as a surprise to you but a VoIP service provider builds the system such that it takes up as little bandwidth as possible. What this means is that it will barely strain your Internet speed when it comes to coping with the VoIP. Most of the time, a VoIP just uses around 50 kilobytes per second (kpbs), which is really really little. So theoretically this means that if your Internet speed was about 128kpbs you could use the VoIP without any problem. But there are a couple of more things you need to take note off.

The first thing to take note off is this - The advertised Internet speed is rarely achieved. What I mean is that let us say your Internet connection speed, as advertised by the company, is 11mbps. This speed will rarely be achieved. Most of the time, it will be lower, maybe around 5mbps. So naturally, this would mean that if your Internet speed is 128kpbs, it is safe to say that you may face problems when using the VoIP. These problems are as such. Your calls may suddenly disconnect. The conversation you are holding may sound unclear to both of you. Many times, the person you are talking to can't even hear you. But all these problems occur only if you have a slow internet connection.

So an ideal Internet connection you should have in order to use the VoIP is about 1.5mbps. This speed allows the VoIP to run smoothly, and at the same time, it makes sure that you can surf the internet without trouble.

However, if you have a faster Internet speed of maybe 3mbps, you would be able to make and receive more calls through your VoIP service provider compared to someone using an Internet speed of 1.5mbps. But that isn't a big problem and you should only consider using a faster Internet connection speed if you run a business and need to hold conference calls often. If you're not running a business, or don't need to make conference calls often, then 1.5mbps would be a good enough speed to run on.

So there you have it. The minimum speed you should run on in order to use a VoIP service provider efficiently and without problems is about 1.5mbps.

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