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Making Calls Over the Internet Now Make Distant Calls at Very Cheap Rates


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People saw a new face of communication with the advent of Internet in their daily lives. This new means entirely revolutionised the lives of normal people. With the changing times technology too improved and with that Internet. Slowly and gradually it became a part of every person's life and now it is almost impossible to imagine life without it. While Internet was only meant for the chatting and mailing purpose, people still trust the most reliable method of voice communicating i. e. land line or basic telephones and mobile phones.

But now things have changed as now people can also make calls over Internet. Yes, it is true now users can make calls through Internet and can communicate with their distant relatives and friends. So now user need not dial international calls at expensive rates. Though still not many people are aware of this economical process. Yet experts claim that in near future it will change the entire course of existing communication process. This service is also known as the Voice over Internet Protocol or in short simply as VoIP.

This revolutionary technology can help anyone in calling over the Internet. The only thing that the person needs to make use of this service is an Internet connection. The connection should be broadband as it will benefit the user at the time of making long distance calls. Also the computer should be loaded with a sound card . In addition to that the user will also need accessories like microphone or headphone. If it is not possible for the user to arrange that he can certainly go for an IP phone which is normal looking phone that is connected to Ethernet . If even arranging this is not possible for the user then he can opt for ATA ( Analogue Telephone Adapter ). Also with that the users will need a Messaging software or a softphone. After that the user just need to pay the subscription charges to avail this service to VoIP service provider and soon after that the user will be almost calling for free.

With this service the user can enjoy various advantages of messaging and calling. Skype, Yahoo Messenger and MSN messenger provide the user with the option of messaging. Other important way of communicating in this service is through IP telephones. These phones resemble to the ordinary landline phones in only that they plug direct to your brand router. These phones can be carried any where since they doesn't have any wires. Users can also call to common landline phones through this service at a very cheap rate.

Despite offering many advantages, the process of making internet calls also suffer with some limitations. First, it is directly dependent upon the Internet connection. Hence at the place where the Internet connection will not be available there the user will face difficulties in operating this service. Second, this service cannot be used at the time when there is no power which in case of basic phone does not affect the service, that's its another drawback. Third, since this service is based directly on Internet therefore it can fell prey to the problems like viruses, hacking etc. Fourth, the user cannot simultaneously use two different applications as it will disturb the process and chances are there that the system of user may crash amidst an important call. Fifth, the user of this service cannot make urgent emergencies calls in case if the users find it difficult to proclaim his location.

In addition to all these the users also need to keep some few things in mind. First, before availing or going to subscribe the connection, user should read the terms and conditions. This will help user in preventing himself to fall prey to any kind of fraud or exploitation. Second, the rates or tariffs of these service change very frequently. Hence it is necessary for the user to keep himself abreast with every kind of changes in tariffs and rates.

If the user will remember these suggestion then making calls over the Internet will always remain a pleasurable experience for him as it will help him to make Internet calls almost for free.

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