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Increasing Popularity Of PC To Phone Calls


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The increasing use of the Internet has lead to many interesting repercussions. The development of IP telephony is one of the more prominent applications of this innovative technology. As a matter of fact, the emergence of IP telephony has changed the way people communicate quite radically.

Business users have been the first to make the most of this new way of communicating. For many of these users, the novelty of making long distance phone calls and international calls at affordable rates has been too lucrative to let go. As a matter of fact, the benefits of making PC to Phone calls are many; these in turn have a positive impact on the profit margins of the organisations subscribing to VoIP services.

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are making the most of VoIP PC to phone solutions that are available in the market. SMBs have realised that the “right equipment" are necessary for them to enjoy the benefits of PC phone service. The capability to make calls from personal computers would require computers with broadband connections, analog telephony adapters, and subscription to reputed service providers, for instance. The quality of service would be dependent on the equipment being used to a significant extent. Computers, having fast processors, for instance, would guarantee better voice quality than normal ones.

In PC to phone solutions, the communication is smooth due to the incorporation of the packet switching technique. The analog voice is converted into digital data. At the receiver's end, this process is reversed and digital data is converted back into analog signals. PC to phone solutions are reliable, scalable and fully functional. The data security is in place - thanks to the efforts of the service providers. Moreover, the voice quality is quite good. The costs of making international phone calls and long distance phone calls are significantly less.

Thus, IP telephony has emerged as a force to contend with and many of the small and medium businesses as well as large corporations are switching to the same.

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