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Advantages and Features of VoIP

Studies suggest that millions of households will soon be using VoIP phone services in the next couple of years. One of the reasons VoIP is catching on so fast is it offers a wealth of features and advantages over traditional phone services. Here is just a brief review of some of the benefits and features VoIP has to offer:

Cost savings

VoIP technology allows consumers to save money. Most companies currently offering VoIP offer plans that are less expensive than many cell phone plans.

Competitive Features

Companies providing VoIP services are offering plans that include standard features like Caller ID, Call waiting, Repeat Dial and Three Way Calling.

Voicemail Superiority

You can check your mail while surfing the Web when using VoIP technology. Better yet you can attach messages to emails using VoIP and send them directly to consumers.


You can call someone from anywhere you have broadband access when using VoIP technology. That means if you travel frequently for business you can take an IP phone with you and access your home phone if you need to. You can also attach a phone to your laptop and place calls from anywhere in the world while connecting to the Net. This is a very appealing option for business consumers in particular.

Last but not least the technology VoIP uses is extremely efficient, meaning your calls are placed through non congested and inexpensive lines. This allows computers to communicate with one another and accept information relatively easily, without long waits or disconnects.

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What is VOIP Also Known As Voice Over Internet Protocol
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