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Back in the nineteen nineties when satellite TV first became cheap enough for most people to afford and started taking advantage of technology that allowed for the use of small satellite dishes, a lot of people who had been faithful cable TV customers switched over to satellite TV because of the increased number of channels and the clear signal of digital TV transmission. Now though, thanks to technological advances, cable TV has some distinct advantage over satellite TV.

Some cable companies has spent a lot of time over the years testing different technologies and figuring out how to use them to make TV service better. One of the first ones that was digital TV. Digital TV has a lot of advantages over the older analog TV format, but the most obvious one is that it produces a much clearer picture than the old analog format that many other cable TV companies still use. Basically, with digital TV all of the images and sounds that make up the TV programming are converted into computer data before being transmitted (in this case over a cable) to the viewers. A special digital receiver on the viewer's end, cleans any interference out of all of that computer data and then converts the data back into the image and sound of the TV programming. As a result of having all of that interference cleaned out, the digital TV picture is much clearer than an analog picture- after all, there is a little bit of interference that even gets into programming being transmitted through an underground cable.

Even though satellite TV also uses digital TV for the transmission of its programming, digital TV that's transmitted over cables has distinct advantages over digital TV sent via satellite. Basically, digital TV is an all or nothing affair, and that's because even though digital receivers are very good at cleaning out interference, if there's more interference in the signal than they're capable of cleaning out then the picture and sound will go out completely. This means that in a severe downpour, a satellite TV signal can be lost completely while cable TV that's transmitted through a cable buried just a few feet underground will provide a perfectly clear picture. Wind will disrupt a satellite TV signal in a similar way if its strong enough to make the satellite dish bounce around. Both of these factors make digital cable TV an especially good choice for people who live in climates that get a lot of wind or rain.

In addition to the bare bone benefits of digital TV, there are a lot of other benefits that cable TV can provide for its customers in the technology department. For example, all programming packages come with access to an on screen program guide, as well as a pay per view service that takes advantage of state of the art video on demand technology. HDTV and Digital Video Recording are also distinct possibilities from cable company like Comcast. Perhaps best of all, there are over two hundred and seventy five channels in the largest programming package and with rumors of a new technology called Switched Digital Video being implemented, there's a distinct possibility for a lot more channels in the near future.

Julia Hall writes articles for consumers who want to find the latest technonoly news . She has written for many major publications about High Speed Internet and Digital Cable TV and how buyers can find the best deals.

Let her show you how you can maximize your communications dollar without sacrificing quality and you'll find out that Comcast is the cable service provider of the future for you.


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