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5 Dumb Mistakes That You Simply Cannot Make in Front of Modern-Day Smart Customers


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Customers of today are getting smarter by the day. The proliferation of knowledge through social media and forums has made people aware of the developing trends in different industries. So, when they call you, they are no longer dependent on the information provided by you. They have their own opinions and mindset, which is hard to change with mere promises or play of words.

It is time to evolve by keeping up with the customers and knowing their every move. In case, you don’t have the time do that, it will be criminal to run a half-hearted in-house operation. The best approach in this scenario will be to offload your customer service work to a capable customer service outsourcing company.

Customer Service Mistakes You Should Avoid at Any Cost Not evolving as per customer trends is a huge mistake that is nothing less than a sin in today’s highly competitive business world. Due to their inability to keep up with the trends, many companies make mistakes that come back to haunt them in the longer run. Below is a list of such mistakes: Customer- Related Mistakes 1. Promoting plans without analyzing customer needs: Gone are those days when you could market and sell any plan regardless of what your customers’ needed. Nowadays, not only irrelevant plans are ignored, they also enrage customers who consider them just a waste of time. A better approach is to utilize services of a competent vendor that makes use of analytical tools.

This way, you will gain insights on customers’ behavior and as a result would be able to formulate personalized plans for your customers. 2. Not having self-service: Millenials, who form a major part of your customer base, expect self-service to be included as part of customer service.

They don’t want to wait in long queues while knowing that they can resolve the issue by themselves. Nowadays, adding self-service has become more of a necessity than a luxury for any customer care operation. 3.

Not addressing customers’ experience across all channels: With social media becoming a hit amongst users, you need a social media strategy to reach out to most customers. In case, you do not have the necessary skills to expand your social media outreach, it’s best to utilize the services of a customer service outsourcing company. Operation-Related Mistakes 4.

Being too polite almost docile: Customers’ today need solutions to their problem and not excessive politeness that delays resolution. Train your agents to be polite but assertive at the same time. Your customers will thank you for this. 5. Lack of KPI monitoring: If you are running an in-house operation and lack good managers who can monitor KPIs, sooner or later, your operation will run into trouble. It is best to partner with a vendor that has experienced managers with years of experience in enforcing vital KPIs like AHT, FCR, CSAT etc. Conclusion In the past, call center operations used to get away even after making mistakes because customers lacked awareness. However, situation is different now. Customers are now more aware and demanding than ever and no customer care operation can survive without updating its business operations according to customers. In the current situation, it is best to partner with a competent vendor that is dynamic, responsible and versatile. Customer support outsourcing India provides a great option to enhance the quality of your operation and reduce cost at the same time. This article is written by tomas jarvis, who is associated with Vcare Call Center. Vcare Call Center is one of the leading companies in the field of Call center services . It provides several services which includes Call center outsourcing, inbound call center, outbound call center, Telemarketing Services and many more

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