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One IVRS, Many Possibilities


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IVRS or Interactive Voice Response Systemutilizes touch-tone telephone to connect with the database to collect or enter the required information from customers. With IVRS, the human intervention is reduced to minimum which makes the entire process completely reliable, accurate and quick. During an authentication processes either a pre-recorded automated message is played or followed by a human agent for the prompt response. It is totally customized system and works according to the specific needs of a business. It is automated and requires no technical expertise to operate.

From large to small businesses, the IVRS has become the choice of many when it comes to reduce the burden of Customer Care team and deploy resources more efficiently.

Large Geographical Coverage: With IVRS call centers/companies can have multilingual support and set it in accordance with different time zones.

Higher Number of Target Audiences in Shorter Span of Time: As IVRS is mostly automated, it expedites the process and resolves the routine queries at much faster pace.

The uses of IVRS across diverse verticals of industry are:

1) Auto Reception: In large businesses when there are too many departments to remember correctly by a human mind, the job can be done easily by IVRS.
How: When a person would call a number, the IVR system would guide the person to press the appropriate number to connect. Any query, responses and initial communication can be registered to the IVR.
Benefits: Saves official time and. Workload is spared off a human receptionist.

2) Telephone Alert: IVR can also be utilized to make calls to existing or prospective customers to convey important news or other critical information that might be useful for them.
How: Especially in political campaigns or seminars, when the marketing needs to be done at a larger level and in a shorter period of time, IVR system can be used to call large number of individuals located at different locations simultaneously. The IVR would play a pre-recorded message to convey the desired communication.
Benefits: Businesses do not have to invest time and resources to call massive database. The process is quick and can be set for different time- zones accordingly.

3) Customer Care: These are the 24/7 available strong customer support for your business. Customers can also make reservations for movies, flights or train by calling IVRS enabled numbers. It can also be used to confirm the application or ticket status. Moreover, the IVRS can be used to remind customers about their due payments, journeys or appointments.
How: The customer, upon calling the helpdesk number is asked by the IVR voice to punch the related number corresponding his query, feedback or complaint.
Benefits: The costs are lower and businesses do not have to recruit agents in mass calling as they used to do previously. It provides multi-lingual support also. Customer satisfaction is increased as operations are more aligned towards customer interests.

4) Surveys: Be it customer satisfaction surveys or research based, the IVRS can be used to reach masses.
How: Using the similar method to reach audiences in any political, commercial or social campaign.
Benefits: Savings of time and money.

5) Control of Inventory: Customers managing different inventories at different location can track the status and manage their stock through IVR.
How: Just dial the IVR to connect to the desired region and track the supplies down.
Benefits: Along with the time and money savings, you are spared from the hassles of managing different inventories located at different geographical locations.

6) Healthcare and Clinical Trials: Pharmaceutical companies are using IVRS to manage large databases to organize their research work. Real time applications such as patient randomization and drug supply management are used in IVRS interface. IVR system is also used to inform patients to help them retain their privacy in case of sensitive disease or confidential test results.
How: The patients can call the IVRS number to know the findings of the tests. Though, in a clinical trial, the participants from the database are called globally and their responses are collected for further research.
Benefits: Patients can be assured of their privacy and saved from possible embarrassment. Research scopes can be enhanced as IVRS can be used to connect with participants nationally and internationally.

Other than the above, the use of IVR can be seen in television programs for tele-voting. IVRS is a method which can offload the burden of time consumption and expenditures from SMEs and large companies. Able to integrate easily with third party applications, it improves the management and operations of a company.

Pooja Chopra has been associated with Spectranet, the leading Indian Hosted Dialer provider, from last few years. Pooja loves to share her insights and expertise with readers and address clients’ concerns. Pooja enlightens the customers about the wide array of Spectranet services such as Call Center Dialer, IVRS and Internet Security Solutions to help them benefit and their businesses grow.


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