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How to Find a WireTap on Your Phone


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How Can I Tell If My Phone Is Tapped

Anytime you suspect that your phone is tapped, you should begin your investigation of your telephone equipment by beginning outside where the lines leave the telephone pole. Then proceed to the little gray box outside which is the TNI box. You can inspect the customer use side as well as the restricted side of the TNI box. You will need the use of a flat head screwdriver or a special Alan wrench to make access into the TNI box. Once you have inspected the TNI box, you should then follow the cable into the house, as well as inspect the inside phone cable wires.

How can you spot a wiretap on your phone?

Basic wiretaps are attachments to the wires of a telephone. You should inspect every telephone device you have hooked up to your telephone lines.

Amateur taps are generally easy to identify by sight, however, you should never tamper with or touch a wiretap or any unfamiliar wiring.

In home phone wiring, normally features the use of four wires in a single round cable. There colors are yellow, black, red and green. The yellow and black wires are the secondary wires, offering the ability to add a second telephone unit or device, if they are put to use at all. Red and green wires however carry incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Normally the red and green wires are not attached to the other two color wires, if you see that they are connected, it can clue you in on an illegal wiretap. You should examine the entire length of these types of wiring. While examining the phone wire, you should search for any type of attachments to the phone wire. These attachments may be wired in to the connection unit or be spliced into the cable itself.

Wire tapping attachments may include the use of small electrical computer board, small boxes with wires attached to the box leading off to somewhere else or voice recorders. Any time you find unexplained damage or stripping to the phone cable, it could be evidence of a removed wiretap.

What should I do if I find that there is a wiretap on my phone?

Whatever you do, do not touch the wiretap or any devices located or attached to the wiretap or cable. Next grab your trusty camera and take a couple of pictures of the wiretap and devices if they are present. Then you should contact your telephone company and your local law enforcement. Let them deal with the details and do not contact or confront anyone who may be suspect of wiretapping. Keep in mind that the physical evidence of a phone wiretap is only one part of the puzzle, to prosecute the suspect, the law enforcement and phone company will work together to tie the culprit to the crime, so let them do their job.

What if I find no wiretap evidence, can my phone still be tapped?

Keep in mind that your information can be found out in diverse ways, such as by rumors spread from an unfriendly or even friendly source who overheard a bit of conversation, a risky confidence, room bugs or perhaps you have conversed with someone else who actually is being wiretapped while using their cordless phone. If you find no wiretap and still feel as though you are experiencing ease dropping, then consider totally replacing the telephone set as one alternative.

Tom Rasmussen has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 15 years, consulting for Fortune 500 companies phone recording needs.

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