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Rude Telephone Representatives


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Rude and sometimes downright disrespectful telephone representatives drive me up a tree as a consumer. These days I seem to run across it more and more from major companies such as my bank and television cable company. It seems the people they are hiring don't understand that the customer they are talking to supply the revenue to fund there paychecks, handling customer complaints schooling would be helpful. Customer satisfaction and customer retention should be their number one goal, it would go a long way to achieve consumer loyalty and satisfaction.

The companies that have automated telephones compound the problem by having the consumer spend several minutes punching numbers to get to the right department sometimes to find out you have reached the wrong department to deal with your particular complaint or service problem.

If you feel their not understanding your problem or being disrespectful and ask to talk to their supervisor they send you to never never land to wait for an answer only to give up after a half hour wait with no one answering.

We need for major companies to give us a telephone number for these instances, but we must get the representatives name that we were talking to, which I have been guilty of not doing on occasion. A customer ombudsman would be great.

We as customers have a problem when we call, sometimes we are not happy about service, products or billing. I am not suggesting that representatives should put up with outrageous consumers but they should not also be outrageous themselves and should transfer the customers call to a supervisor.

Smaller companies where you can reach the owner or manager have the best chance of achieving consumer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

If customers/consumers or telephone representatives or executives/manages care to comment or make suggestions to help all please comment at:


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