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Phone Number Tracker


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Do you need to find out who is behind an unidentified phone call? You receive repeated phone calls and when you call back there is either no response or the person behind the call does not identify themselves. The person could be a pesky telemarketer, a prankster, or someone maliciously harassing you. How can you find out who is behind those phone calls.

Luckily, there are several free things that you can do to track down the identify the person behind the phone calls. One of the first things you can do is to either have someone else call the phone number or call the phone number back yourself. Much of the time, one phone call with a stern warning can thwart further phone calls. Another thing that someone can do is to type the phone number into Google. Although this method is not very useful in finding individual phone numbers, it is useful in identifying telemarketers as many other people often experience the same calls from the same numbers. Lastly, you can use services such as the whitepages,, or other free phone number trackers to identify the culprit. The problem with these services is that it will not identify cell phone numbers only landlines.

Once you have exhausted those options there are paid phone number tracker services online that can help you run more comprehensive investigations. These services are called reverse phone number trackers. You simply submit a phone number and you will receive the name, address, carrier and other information about the person.

There are many phone number tracker services out there. How do you choose the best phone number tracker

We've compiled a review of the best reverse cell phone tracker services out there, each service has its advantage and disadvantages.

Troy H. is a telecommunications enthusiast and has reviewed several of the best Reverse Phone Call services on the Internet.


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