Direct TV Tivo Equals Compromise


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Do you own your own satellite TV system and subscribe to Directv (aka Direct TV)? Then consider an upgrade to a Directv Tivo system. Tivo is a type of digital video recorder that allows you to record one thing while watching another. So ladies, if your man wants to watch the game at the same time that your favorite television show is on, you can have your show recorded while he watches the game. Or make him suffer by taping the game.

When you have a Direct satellite TV, you have a lot of options to choose from, including the Direct TV Tivo. Like mentioned above, the Directv Tivo records one show while you watch another. Well, other digital recording devices do that too and have for a while now. The Direct TV Tivo is a little special. You can actually record two different shows at the same time!

When a customer first gets their TV satellite dish through Directv, they turn down the Directv Tivo option. However, after a few months of realizing all of the cool shows they miss because of the plethora of programming choices through Direct TV, they decide to go the Tivo route after all. People tend to get attached to certain TV shows and when they start to conflict, agony pursues on deciding which show to watch!

Your Direct TV Tivo is also easy to set up and program. You just bring up your Directv programming guide on your TV screen and choose the TV shows you want to record. And voilá! You will soon have a digital recording of your favorite shows. The neat thing about this Tivo is that you can program your set to record an entire season of shows! There are no more worries about trying to remember to set your Direct TV Tivo each week.

Another advantage to the Tivo is that, unlike a VCR, you are not fumbling with the buttons trying to set the time and date. You also don't have to worry about recording gray static or whether the VCR tape gets stuck in the machine. Then there's that pesky double checking to make sure you have the television on the correct channel as well as the VCR being set properly too.

Direct TV's competitor the Dish network has digital video recorders available but they can only tape one show, unlike the Directv Tivo option. So if you do not have a TV satellite dish and satellite TV receiver yet, think about the Tivo option before deciding on the satellite TV service you want to go for. Directv Tivo may be just the ticket to make your decision.

Kids want to watch one thing while mom and dad also disagree on what to watch. Direct TV Tivo equals compromise in many households. You might say that it makes a great peacekeeper. Now all you have to do is decide on who gets to hold the remote control!

James Croydon, Satellite Installation Engineer and Dish Network advisor - focusing on DirecTV DSL and Dish Network Offer


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