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Satellite TV used to be all the rage and I guess it still is to a degree. It’s obviously one heck of a lot more accessible now than it ever was. I remember those early days where home satellite dishes resembled a NASA space patroller, consuming half of the garden in the process. Of course, back then, not everyone had satellite TV, so it was considered something of a status symbol. “Look at this neighbor, we’ve just got hooked up to satellite TV". Ner ner ne ner ner!

Of course, like all new technology, it doesn’t stay new for long and prices usually plummet pretty quickly as demand and quality goes up. When high tech equipment got so big that it became too big for homes, the next challenge was to miniaturize everything. We now have hi-fi systems no bigger than credit cards, and look at what they can pack into a mobile phone these days. Satellite dishes were no exception and the tiny squarial soon followed the big saucers to become the superior satellite solution. Folks were glad to get there gardens back as these unobtrusive little receivers could be pinned neatly out of everyone’s reach and way.

There are also many providers nowadays of satellite TV, and just like cable television, you are able to choose from a whole variety of packages, quite often tailor made to your own requirements. I can remember way back when there were literally just a handful of stations to watch on TV, but now there are so many to choose from, you can become a prisoner to the box with the plethora of programs being transmitted at any one time. The kids of today have no idea just how limited home entertainment used to be.

When you think about it carefully, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the viewing options available through Satellite TV. All kinds of programs for all types of folks in many different languages beamed around the planet. Let’s look at a few: There’s satellite TV providers for local programs, we have music channels (including satellite radio), CD music channels, numerous movie channels, like Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, the Movie Channel, Encore, Starz, Sundance, Sci-fi and Beyond, Flix, Action, Love, Mystery, Drama, Wam, the Independent Film Channel, and so much more!

Blimey, I could go on forever! There’s my favorite, the history channel, we also have discovery, the travel channel, food channels, animal planet, home shopping, soaps, weather, Disney, cartoon network, oh there’s no end to it all.

With so much competition, it’s always a good idea to shop around if you’re thinking of hooking up for the first time or changing your provider. Many special satellite TV promotions have great giveaways such as free equipment, a free trail period, an extra package etc. Another great thing about Satellite TV is that many receivers now include what they call DVR technology, or digital video recorder. This is just a fantastic new way to record your favorite programs at any time without all the cumbersome hassles that came with traditional video recording equipment. Believe it or not, but with DVR technology, you can tape over a hundred hours of programming, save what you want, and delete what you don’t want. It absolutely awesome.

Satellite TV is very inexpensive now and subscriptions can start at less than $20 per month. Compared to many cable companies, its value that cannot be beaten. Why not check out the Satellite TV options today. You never know what you might be missing!

Tom Gibson is a freelance writer and web publisher who writes on the wonders of modern technology. He has recently written pieces for on The Cheap Flat Screen and Digital TV


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Cable vs. Satellite TV
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