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Shopping Guides For Digital Satellite TV


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Searching for a satellite TV service can be a difficult task. However, it could actually be much easier if you realize which ones are the best and choose from the best. In the market today, the top 2 companies on providing satellite TV is Dish Network and Direct TV. So, your search is simplified to just 2 options.

While there are many online retailers out there, you will come to notice that each is similar to the other and the only difference is the promotional offers. We may be keener in the core service which is the satellite TV and the additional offers can be calculated after you make your choice of what sort of package you intend to subscribe.

We have to understand that both Dish Network and Direct TV is satellite TV service providers and all the other companies are just retailers that offer more deals to snatch customers. To get you satellite TV service, you are better of choosing Dish Network or Direct TV straight forwardly or you are just wasting your time. However, if you are looking for additional freebies like free Pod, home theatre system and so on, then you should look out for the company which suits you the most.

We have to bear in mind that satellite TV service is provided directly from the service provider company. Retailers are only taking the opportunity to make a small profit from the outstanding popularity of satellite TV. If you are too interested in those promotional offers, you might regret once the promotional period is over. When you reach that time, you will be banging your own head because the cost of service after the promotional period is much higher.

In the market today, Dish Network holds the cheapest package. For their current promotion, they provide a special price for the next purchase of the lowest priced package for tem months. After the promotional period, the price will increase. For the America's Top 60, it only goes up as much as ten dollars.

As for Direct TV, their cheapest deal is unfortunately double the price of Dish Network's America's Top 60 promotional rate. With Dish Network, you will get double the channels. Therefore, if you are planning for upgrades your number of channels, it is wiser to do it with Dish Network

As for equipment wise, both Dish Network and Direct TV offer free DVR and HDTV receiver upgrades. Installation wise, Dish Network's technician will bring the equipment along when they come for the installation appointment while Direct TV will have the equipment sent to you first before their technician comes to visit. Some of the retailers for Direct TV also charge a shipping fee but this fee is refundable after you mail back the rebate. This can sometimes lead to complications during installation. Dish Network does not require this procedure. The technician will just turn up with the equipment when he comes for the installation.

To get free receivers from both Dish Network and Direct TV, you should face no problem at all if you have a good credit. If you have a bad credit, you can still get television service from Dish Network but you have to pay 150 dollars for one receiver which can power 2 room.

If you are keen on local channels, both these companies provide but there is an additional charge of 3 to 5 dollars. If you got any pay per view, the will be more additional fees. On the positive side, both companies provide free upgrades for HD programming.

So, save you time because there is not much difference in the offers provide by the service provider or the retailer. If you are keen on getting free gifts, then go ahead and scout around for the best deals.

Still wondering who's the best between Dish Network and DirecTV deals Well, it's time for you to sort things out and get the satellite deals that suit you the best. Visit for more dish TV shopping guides.

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3 Ways to Get Free Digital Satellite TV on Your PC
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