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Dish Network Does it Function With Trees Between the Dish Antenna and Satellite?

Arrnica Dayannandan

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A lot of Dish Network enthusiasts are often faced with the query of whether Dish Network can function smoothly if there are trees blocking the clear transmissions between the dish antennas and the satellites. Though the answer cannot be stated in very definite terms as either “Yes" or “No", but most studies demonstrate that there is a dim possibility that this claim might be true.

So what is the solution around it? To be on the safer side, it would be ideal to have a professional visit your area of Dish Network installation and have it surveyed for a feasibility report. These professionals are easy to find and they have the necessary mechanisms to measure signal strengths at various positions around your property to determine the area of optimal signal efficiency.

Trees being unpredictable in their growth, shape, and structure of leaves and branches, each instance of a sighted tree in the way of a dish network is unique. Many of them make no difference to the network and there are still others that do.

Because the dish network professionals are well-versed with the root cause of the issue, they will have grasp on conducting a thorough geographical survey of the area of installation. This will help them determine the height at which your dish antenna will have to be mounted for maximum signal reception.

So for instance the more you travel to the North, say for example around the New Hampshire area, a dish will have to be mounted at a much lower height for clarity in signals. Whereas, the opposite is true, going towards the South, say for instance around Florida, where the dish will have to be mounted at a much higher elevation.

Having a professional conduct a survey for your Dish Network installation is recommended during the summer months. This is because summers will witness the trees in their full-bloom, as compared to winters when the signals will be better anyway due to leaf shedding.

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