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How To Watch TV On My PC Or Laptop


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I wanted to watch TV on my PC and did some research and this is what I found out. There are essentially 2 ways to do that. One way is to buy a PCTV device and the other is to make use of satellite tv software. I will go through what are the pros and cons of both.

Ease of Installation.

A PCTV device can come either in the form of PCI cards or as an USB device. Personally, I prefer the USB version because I don't really enjoy opening up my PC and messing up my table. Also, the USB version can be used for both desktops and laptops which makes it more versatile.

To watch TV on my PC using satellite tv software is even easier. All I need to do is to download the software (I have to pay for it of course) and install it. Then I get access to thousands of channels immediately. No hardware and no messy wires. My favorite choice.


This will apply if you are holding onto a laptop. If I were to watch TV on my PC or laptop with a PCTV device, I will have to carry the device wherever I go to enjoy live TV. While with a satellite TV software, there is nothing to bring except my laptop. Sweet. Also, using software minimizes the chances of me losing the device.

Cost And Value.

Why I say cost and value is this: you do realize that certain things we buy lasts longer and give us much better satisfaction but cost a little bit more than alternatives. In this case, the merchandise gives us value with a little bit more investment.

However, this does not really apply to PCTV device and satellite tv software. To watch TV on my PC using PCTV device will easily set me back by a hundred bucks while a good software that features more than 3000 channels costs no more than $50. The cost is lower but yet delivers more value. Interesting.

The beauty about both solutions is the fact that user investment is a one-time affair. You pay for it once and that's all you will ever need to. Much better than those monthly subscription based cable TVs if you ask me.

Read my review on a software that enables me to watch TV on my PC with a one-time fee here

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