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How to Install Dish Network - The Easy Handbook


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The one question homeowners ask when getting their own satellite TV connection is - How to install dish network? Once the channels have been decided, the distributor chosen, and equipment bought, installation can be a pain. This article will be your guide on How to install dish network, and get started on your TV viewing.

Of course, before you install anything, you need to find out if your distributor offers free installation. If not, then you may need to ask a friend who has installed dish antenna, to help you.

Conditions For Proper Viewing

For optimal viewing, this is what you should keep in mind when installing the dish antenna:

1. The association of homeowners should clear the installation. Many associations do not allow installations on the roof. Check with them before you start on the task of How to install dish network.

2. The dish is to be installed facing south. See if there are any possible signal blockers in that direction, such as buildings, towers etc.

3. You need to find out the altitude and exact location with regard to latitude and longitude before installing. You can find this information online, and even on the company website.

4. In case you are not allowed to mount the satellite dish on the roof, you can have it installed inside your apartment.

Installing Dish Network

Before installing, you need the following components: satellite TV dish, satellite TV receiver and low noise block converter. You need as many receivers as the TV sets you have. Each receiver is connected to one TV set.

1. Once you have selected a spot for mounting, use the grips and nuts and bolts provided to put up the satellite dish.

2. Connect the cable of the dish to the receiver. If you have multiple receivers, you need to connect all to the dish. You may need to drill if the cable has to run through walls.

3. Once the satellite dish and cables are connected, you need to connect the receivers to the TV.

4. Gently move the satellite dish up and down until the dish is at the optimum elevation level.

5. Fine tune for good viewing. Signals that have the strength of 60 or above make for good TV viewing.

With this guide on How to install dish network, you can now start on your dish TV viewing journey. If problems persist, it would be a good idea to call in a professional who can install the satellite dish for you.

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