Plasma TV Comparisons - How to Find the Best Plasma TV

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Plasma TV Comparisons

If you love television, and you love modern technology, there's no way around it - you've got to have a plasma TV! Here's an overview of plasma TVs, plasma TV features, and where to go online for plasma TV comparisons to find the best TV at the best price.

What is a plasma TV?

A plasma TV is a video monitor that uses millions of tiny colored fluorescent lights to create an image. The tiny light cells are sandwiched between two plates of glass along with electrodes that trigger the cells to produce colors and patterns. This innovative way of creating images allows plasma TVs to be both flat and very large.

What are the features of a plasma TV?

* Plasma TVs provide high-resolution images. The image quality of plasma TVs is much sharper and clearer than tube TVs. Because of this, plasma TVs can accommodate high-definition HDTV signals, as well as DTV, and other formats.

* Plasma TVs are easy to view from any place in the room. And unlike projection TVs and LCD TVs, the picture on a plasma TV is clear from almost any angle.

* Plasma TVs are completely flat. Not only are they attractive and modern, but there is no distortion from curvature, which can be a problem with tube TV screens.

* Plasma TVs are slim and lightweight. The construction of plasma TVs lets them be hung on a wall and hug the wall. You can put a plasma TV almost anywhere, in comparison with the limits posed by the shape and size of traditional tube TVs and projection TVs.

* Plasma TVs accommodate a widescreen format. You get the full theater experience from plasma TVs because they use a widescreen aspect ratio. In addition to their high resolution, this allows plasma TVs to make the most of HDTV and DVD formats.

* Plasma TVs are lifelike. The picture you get from a plasma TV is the clearest picture around, and there is such a sense of depth, the image almost seems three-dimensional.

Where can I compare plasma TV prices?

All this modern technology comes at a price - plasma TVs aren't cheap. Most start at $2,000 and can cost up to $10,000, depending upon the size and model.

In order to get the best price on a plasma TV, I recommend going to your local electronics stores to compare the prices and features, then compare prices online before you buy one.

I found an excellent online service that compares prices and provides customer reviews on all models and brands of plasma TVs. Not only does this service provide well-researched price comparisons for the various makes and models of plasma TVs, but it also gives ratings plus detailed product information.

Reviews of plasma TVs are provided by customers who actually own one. It's like having a network of friends to give you first-hand, unbiased advice on your plasma TV purchase. You can click on the links below to go to this service and comparison shop for yourself.

Visit the to get more information, to compare prices, and to get consumer ratings for plasma TVs and LCD Tvs .

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