Satellite or Cable TV- Tough Choice? Not Really


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There is a lot of propaganda out there about the pros and cons of satellite tv versus digital cable. At one time, several years ago, deciding between cable and satellite was a tough choice, but not today. Most of the cons associated with satellite tv no longer exist. The main reason cable companies promoted for years to entice people to choose cable over satellite was that cable carried local channels. Voila, today satellite tv also offers local channels. But what about all of the equipment you have to buy with satellite tv? Another fallacy. There is typically about the same amount of equipment with either cable or satellite, it is just different equipment. Right now, there are endless promotions for satellite systems that include free equipment and installation with sign up for services. One of the best available right now, is at You can also find a coupon for free satellite tv equipment and installation on the “sign me up" page at So, if you take away the cons associated with satellite tv, you are left with only the pros. Satellite tv offers a wide array of choices. You can usually get a package containing more channels for less than a similar cable package. The digital information is received in full for a crystal clear picture.

The cons associated with cable, however, still exist. In fact, they are becoming more apparent with the onset of high definition television’s popularity. The major benefit of satellite over cable, in my opinion is the bandwidth. The bandwidth of cable television is limited by the size of the cable, generally about RG6. Satellite does not suffer from this limitation. It has full capability of transmitting all the digital information included in high definition television. It is also capable of providing high speed internet connections at very competitive rates.

With the advancement of technology and today’s competitive market satellite tv has emerged as a clear victor over cable television. High definition television is increasing the value of satellite services. Competition is leaving you the consumer at a distinct advantage. Isn’t it time you start enjoying all the benefits of satellite tv? I recommend as the absolute best place on the web to get a great deal on satellite tv including free equipment and free installation. You may also want to check out for some really great package offers.

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Satellite TV-So Much Better than Cable!
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