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Articles about or concerning Radios, Car Radios, Radio Stations, HD Radio, AM or FM Radio, HAM Radios, Digital Radios, Two-Way Radios.
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Two Way Radios: the new business communication tool

 David Martin (August 12, 2014)  Communication is an extremely important component for running a successful business. It can include exchange of messages between employees of the organization at same level or different level. Timely delivery of the message is also paramount since the word can lose its meaning if it is not communicated to the intended person in time. For example, if in a store you spot someone .. (Radio)

Handling Business Communication Needs Using Two Way Radios

 David Martin (September 20, 2013)  At some point, every business is forced to figure out how to undertake communication within the company premises. For a corporation, this is simple as there are intercom systems and telephones that they can use. Businesses that have a challenge are those that run operations where the employees have to be mobile within the premises if they are to perform their duties. The challenge that .. (Radio)

Radio Jingles and Voice Overs for Your Business

 Brandyn Garske (December 13, 2011)  Radio jingles has to go hand in hand with voice overs. If the music doesn't sound right with the commercial that is playing, then it could bomb. If a deep voice was used for something sweet and mellow, it could be a disaster waiting to happen. When listening to the radio, the radio jingle has to be catchy. It should make a person interested in the item for sale or a charity that is .. (Radio)

A Brief Introduction to Marine Radios, Important Channels and Licenses

 Devang Kakkad (August 25, 2011)  A VHF Marine Radio is an essential piece of equipment in coastal waters. Marine radio allows instant communication between your boat and other boats, marinas, bridges, and the United States Coast Guard. Most VHF Marine Radios also have instant access to NOAA weather forecasts, 24 hours a day. Using a marine radio may appear to be pretty straightforward, but you have to know some rules, . (Radio)

A Brief Introduction to Police Scanner and Its Uses

 Devang Kakkad (August 24, 2011)  Police scanner, radio scanner, or simply scanner; all three terms refer to the same device, a wideband radio-receiver capable of hearing two-way communications in the VHF and UHF radio bands. Scanners are used by a wide spectrum of people, from radio hobbyists to everyday folks who just want to keep an ear on what's happening around town. Scanners are also used by the news media as .. (Radio)

Why Crank Radio Is A Must Tool For Your Emergency Kit?

 Devang Kakkad (August 23, 2011)  Crank emergency radios are one of the best ways to deal with situations like power outages or natural disaster. You can enjoy great outdoors with your favorite music or talk show using the radio. A crank radio functions similarly to normal hand-powered generators. These generators produce power by using a magnet and a coil of conductive wire. By wrapping the coil of wire around the .. (Radio)

Using Two Way Radios in Emergency Situations

 Devang Kakkad (August 22, 2011)  During an emergency survival situation, our common methods of communication might not be available to us. The power may be out, or we might not be located near enough to a cell phone tower to get signal. Having a pair of 2-way radios is an excellent survival preparedness measure that will serve you during an emergency. When selecting electronic equipment for use during emergencies that . (Radio)

Understanding what you can do with two way radios

 Devang Kakkad (August 20, 2011)  Radio gives you lots of alternative ways to communicate. Connect with peoplePrimary use of two way radios is to connect people so that they can talk to each other. These two-way radios connect people together when they talk business, participate in recreational activities, or need to communicate in emergencies. People on the go, whether they’re just roaming around a mall or .. (Radio)

A Simple Introduction to Satellite Radio Technology

 Devang Kakkad (August 20, 2011)  A satellite radio is a digital radio signal that is broadcast by a communication satellite, which covers a much wider geographical range than terrestrial radio signals. It is a type of direct broadcast satellite and is strong enough that it requires no satellite dish to receive. The quality of the broadcasts is higher, the quality of the apparatus's reception is higher and the general .. (Radio)

A Brief Introduction to FRS and GMRS Radios

 Devang Kakkad (August 18, 2011)  Do not get confused with such technical names of two-way radios. Indeed there are different kinds of these two-way communication devices. FRS FRS stands for Family Radio Service, and was approved by the FCC for unlicensed use in 1996. It operates around 462 and 467 MHz, and is sometimes referred to as “UHF Citizens Band. “ It is used by family, friends and associates to .. (Radio)

What Purpose Does Repeater Serve In Two Way Radio?

 Devang Kakkad (August 16, 2011)  When two radios communicate directly with each other, this is known as Simplex. To achieve greater range, a radio repeater is often utilized. Each portable radio communicates with the repeater and the repeater rebroadcasts the signal for the other portable. A Repeater is a device which will receive a signal on one frequency and re-transmits the signal with increased strength on another . (Radio)

What is Citizen Band radio and what are Its Uses?

 Devang Kakkad (August 15, 2011)  CB stands for “Citizen's Band" radio. It got that name because its main idea is to be a kind of radio service anyone can use. Depending on the country you live in, it is either a minimally-regulated or an unregulated set of radio channels used for short-range (local) communications. Many people use CB radios in their vehicles, homes or both. Citizen's Band refers to a range of .. (Radio)

What Role Does Antenna Play In Two Way Radios?

 Devang Kakkad (August 13, 2011)  An antenna is a significant part of any two way radio system. No radio can outperform its antenna. Many times users have been able to improve the performance of a communications system merely by improving the antennas. The AM radio waves are below 2 MHz; these signals follow the Earth's curvature because they are reflected off the atmosphere. Therefore AM radio signals in low-noise .. (Radio)

What are Simplex and Duplex Systems for Two Way Radios?

 Devang Kakkad (August 11, 2011)  Simplex The terms simplex and duplex refer to the communication between two host devices. Simplex has one-way radio control. It offers only one way communication at a time, using a single radio frequency. A simplex repeater consists of a radio on a simplex frequency and a digital voice recorder. When a signal is received, the recorder stores the message. When the received signal ends, . (Radio)

Conventional vs. Trunked Two Way Radios Systems

 Devang Kakkad (August 10, 2011)  There is a range of two-way radio technologies, systems, and types. There are families of radio types and each family has differing sub-groups and specific radio models. Increasing demands on frequency spectrum, a finite resource, force users to look for more spectrum-efficient systems, in addition to increased features. System planners (especially those in public safety agencies) may .. (Radio)

A Brief Guide on Radio Waves

 Devang Kakkad (August 04, 2011)  Radio waves are part of a larger group of waves classified all together as electromagnetic radiation. Radio waves have the longest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio waves do more than just bring music to your radio. They also carry signals for your television and cellular phones. Radio's long wavelength allows it to circumvent obstacles and travel long distances, .. (Radio)

How to link your Mp3 player to your car stereo system

 Liu Rui (September 28, 2010)  You will find four typical options for successfully connecting your Mp3 player to your car stereo. I will checklist all of them here in optimal purchase through better to most detrimental these terms of setup as well as high quality. 1. Almost all more recent vehicle stereos have a AUX in jack on the entrance from the stereo system unit. An AUX within will be a hole about the encounter . (Radio)

Music FM Radio Transmitters for Car Stereo

 Liu Rui (September 26, 2010)  To some hard cores about FM transmitter how to choose the right transmitter, popular brands, frequency settings, battery options are so important. Based on Kimpaul~s experience now I give you some detail tips about that. Vehicle FM transmitter enables songs players and other audio sources to be performed over a car's stereo radio. An aux-input socket about the stereo gives better .. (Radio)

What is a Two Way Walkie Talkie Radio

 Richard Lucas (June 13, 2010)  A two way Walkie Talkie comes in two forms: 1. U. S. FRS (Family Radio Service). These utilize up to 14 channels from 462.5625 – 467.7125 MHz. 2. FRS/GMRS (Family Radio Service/General Mobile Radio Service). These require a license. World War 2 was primarily responsible for the development of two way Walkie Talkie radios when the military found a need for reliable, wireless free . (Radio)

CB Radio For Beginners

 Sirrae Parker (June 26, 2008)  A CB radio or (citizens band) radio is the perfect medium range communications tool. The average store bought 2 way radio usually operates on GRMS or FRS frequencies. These frequencies are limited to a few miles and are limited even further by buildings, tress, mountains and all obstacles. CB radios can obtain ranges up to 150 miles, sometimes more. CB's operate on a different frequency . (Radio)

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