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The first mobile phones, released in the market during the early nineties, were large and clunky devices with low battery life and very limited memory. All this has changed. Today’s mobile phones are not only light and compact, but are packed with features. Many of them have camera, MP3 and PDA functions, with the option to download games, programs, ringtones and full-color wallpapers. You can’t even call them “just" mobile phones—they’re almost like mobile offices.

With the diversity of features, the variety of shapes and sizes, and the thick competition between mobile phone manufacturers that lead them to release new models every year, it’s hard to pick which mobile phone to buy.

Today’s top of the line phones can do almost everything, but which of those features will you really use? Some have camera resolution rivals a decent point and click digital camera; others flip open to reveal a keyboard to let you check and write emails and even surf the web. While it’s always great to have that kind of power in your pocket (literally), the first and most important thing to consider if your lifestyle.

Are you an executive? Do you have to keep track of a lot of meetings and tasks? Do you spend a lot of time away from the office? If so, buying a phone with PDA features will really simplify your life. You don’t have to carry too many gadgets with you, and you can make note of the messages you receive directly on to the phone’s calendar, and set a reminder for meetings and deadlines.

On the other hand, a stay at home mom may not need a PDA function, but would probably benefit from a mobile phone with a good camera. You can take instant pictures of your kids (and we all know how those moments pass while you run upstairs to get a camera) and proudly send them to friends and family in the same minute.

Most teenagers opt for phones that have the radio and MP3 functions, or have that elusive quality called “form and coolness factor". A mobile phone is not just functional, it is also almost an accessory. Certain models are designed to look sleek and beautiful, and are even declared by fashion magazines to be the “it" model of the year. Others simply are triumphs in ergonomic design, and use materials (from a chic chrome to trendy brights) to communicate a particular image. A few models even allow full customability with changeable cases in a wide variety of colors. You can actually buy all of the shades, and make your mobile phone match your outfit!

Aside from your lifestyle, of course another important consideration is price. You will have to set a budget, and then look for the best deals. Check various stores and websites before buying, but remember that cheapest is not always best. Ask if the mobile phone comes with a warranty, how long it lasts, and whether the warranty involves repair or replacement of the unit. Also remember that it is better to pay a little higher for a phone you like and will use for a long time, than to opt for a cheaper phone, and then replace it within months. is an online resource centre covering many topics including mobile phones and mobile phone unlocking .


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