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Most communication devices like the telephone create a “sound” known as ringtone. This denotes an incoming call.

With the progress communication technology, ringtones are fast developing from the simplest to the best form that you could get.

Primitive ringtones were known as monophonic tones or monotones. These types of ringtones have very simple sounds. They have single musical line.

Tones like these are usually programmed in the mobile phone. In some instances, the phone has a “built-in composer” to create clear-cut sounds. The composed tone can be sent through short message service also known as “SMS text. ”

Along came Polyphonic

A polyphonic tone or a polytone has much better sound quality than the monotone. It includes two or more notes such as the sound of piano, drums, flute and a lot more. This sounds more lifelike and can be easily downloaded to a mobile phone.

Some networks made a lot of money by making these tones readily available and easy to download. There is no need for you to compose one. This can also be sent through SMS text. These tones are advertised on web sites, newspapers, radio and television.

And Now Comes the Real Thing

A true tone comprises the real sound of a song. It has all the sound of the instruments and voice. Basically, it captures the entire song.

To program its real sound, “pulse code modulation” is used. The same thing is employed in creating compact discs. It is contained in MP3, Windows media audio, wave and many more. These can easily become a ringtone. This can be downloaded from the Internet and mobile phone networks.

More and more people are becoming addicted to downloading these tones because the process is a breeze. The tones are segregated by genre, artist, title of song and album. A lot of these tones can be downloaded for free and depending on the features of the phone, the tones length can be edited. If you only want the chorus part you can have it.

Personalized Stuff

Depending on the cell phones capabilities, most has recording feature. You can record the sound of your own voice, your kids singing, and the sweet nothings of your loved ones and set it as your ringtone or even set it as your alarm clock tone.

Third Generation Mobile Phones

The features of mobile phones are getting better and the 3G or third generation phone is the proof. It gives better and more realistic sound to ringtones.

Many cellular phones nowadays are capable of holding a couple to a hundred, and even to a thousand, of these tones. These phones have memory cards that can be changed. The memory capacities are from 64 kilobyte, 256 kilobyte, 512 kilobyte and up to 1 and 4 gigabyte.

An Album of Ringtones

The usual album of an artist contains songs sang by the artist himself or done in a duet but now you can make customized ring tones on them. Artist Juvenile releases his album entitled reality check. Now fans can enjoy his music in a different level. His songs in the album can be modified and easily make his songs your ring tone. Some even release albums with polyphonic tones.

Ringtone downloading activities are becoming a fad because of the realistic sound that they bring and their easy accessibility. Technology will not stop here and it will get better than what you could imagine.

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