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7 Different NBN Connection Types

Shovon Joarder

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NBN plans can get very confusing for people, not being familiar with the IT sector. The National Broadband Network is trying to take advantage of installed infrastructure in order to speed the internet. Since different places have the different installed technology, they also have different connection types.

Let’s check various NBN plans:

1. HFC – Hybrid Fiber Coaxial

This the oldest cable network and certainly not great. It offers high contention ratios with poor upload speeds.

2. FTTD – Fiber To The Driveway

In a lot of ways, it is thought of as the future of NBN. Inside its structure, fiber is run along each street. Relying upon the closest possible point for copper cables to leave and meet inside a collective street distribution point.

3. FTTP – Fiber To The Premises

Experts think of FTTP as the best NBN connection. Inside its infrastructure, a fiber optic cable is connected to each home, which comes from the closest fiber distribution hub. The coolest thing about FTTP is that entire fiber of multi ribbon cable is awarded to each house.

FTTP offers the lowest ping with the highest potential for both, uploads and downloads. In terms of scalability, it is also deemed as the most scalable network, which will improve the most.

4. FTTN – Fiber To The Node

It is considered a cheap alternative to FTTP. Mostly rolled out to high-density urban areas, FTTP is also faster to install than FTTP.

The working model of FTTN works upon midpoints i. e. copper telephone cables from each house are connected to that very midpoint (nodes)

As FTTN relies upon older copper cables, it does not have a physical bandwidth of newer optical fiber cables. Carrying the burden of the extra network, FTTN offers higher ping and lower potential of both, uploads and downloads than that of FTTP.

5. FTTB – Fiber To The Basement

Mostly utilized in apartments, FTTB is the most efficient way to utilize an already established connection of a building.

Via FTTB technology, NBN is delivered to your apartment at very high speeds. From then, you get access to NBN via any mode of chosen cable technology. Copper cables were mostly utilized in older apartments while newer apartments are relying upon Ethernet cables for improved speeds.

6. Satellite

The long distance between earth and satellites prove one thing i. e. you will get one of the worse latencies. However, you gain significant upload and download speed, once your areas are covered by NBN satellite.

To upgrade a satellite connection, you need essential hardware as well as another satellite. From an economic point of view, satellites are not cheap and improving them takes subsequent time. Nevertheless, there is always hope of things getting better, such as better NBN plans rolling out in the future.

7. Fixed Wireless

This technology is used to connect rural and regional areas to NBN. Fixed Wireless tech relies upon the same tech, which is used by existing 4G networks of Telstra. These wireless cells are optimized in terms of a number of users inside each location and offer dedicated fiber transportation of data (backhaul) to nearest interconnection points.


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