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How Android Is Different From Windows Phone

Sanjana Antony

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Android and Windows are names that need no introduction in present times. While Android is an open source platform developed by Google, Windows is a closed source operating system for mobiles developed by Microsoft. Android smartphones are made by many companies around the world and they easily outnumber Windows smartphones. For an individual desirous of buying a smartphone, it is always better to know the difference between an Android and a Windows phone.

  1. 1. Different software

The biggest difference between any Android smartphone and a Windows phones lies in their operating systems. While an Android smartphone made by Samsung, LG, Micromax, or any other company around the world works upon one or the other versions of Android, it is the proprietary OS called Windows developed by Microsoft that all Windows mobiles work upon. At present, it is Nokia of Finland that is mostly producing Windows smartphones thanks to a tie up with Microsoft.

  1. 2. Start screen

While both Android as well as Windows mobiles have a capacitive Touchscreen, it is the start screen that differs between the two of them. For all Windows mobile phones, the start screen is presented is in the form of live tiles. You have the liberty to pin anything to this start screen and you can also customize the color and size of the tiles to give a unique look to your Windows mobile. This allowes you to reach the apps in your phone with only a single swipe.

Android, on the other hand, allows you to place any wallpaper you prefer as well as any app you like over the start screen of your android smartphone.

  1. 3. Microsoft Office

With every Windows mobile, you get inbuilt Microsoft Office and all its recognizable tools, like Word, Excel, Paint, and Power Point and so onto provide help as your office on the go. On the other hand, one has to download alternative programs to be able to create documents on their Android smartphones.

  1. 4. Number of apps

Android smartphones are way ahead of Windows mobiles in terms of number of apps available in their app stores. While Google Play offers hundreds of thousands of apps to Android smartphone users, this number is quite low for Windows smartphone users. However, the quality of apps available in Windows app store is quite high.

  1. 5. Xbox games on Windows smartphones

One of the biggest attractions of Windows mobile phones lies in their ability to allow the user to play thrilling Xbox games. This Xbox functionality has been integrated with all Windows smartphones. Users of Android smartphones cannot play these games. However, Android smartphones have more games for their owners.

  1. 6. Excellent integration with Microsoft products

All Microsoft products are very well integrated with all Windows smartphones. This means that it is not just Xbox games but also OneNote, Skype, OneDrive, Outlook etc that run smoothly on Windows smartphones irrespective of their price and size. Owners of Windows smartphones have the option of storing their files on Cloud storage service of Microsoft for free. These services are not available on Android smartphones.

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