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Apple IOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Explained


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Apple iOS 5 was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in early June 2011. When released, it will be supported on the iPad, iPod, iPhone 3GS, 4 and 5. After watching the official video posted on YouTube and gathering all the information I could, I have decided to publish this article explaining the enhancements of iOS 5 as of when it becomes available to the public.

iCloud - iCloud syncs all music, pictures, videos, applications, iBooks, contacts, email, calendars, bookmark, to-do list and notes via a wireless network. It makes your device virtual and removes the constraint of having data physically stored on a hard drive.

Notification Center - The notification system for iOS 4 has proven to be very frustrating for many users. The big blue box that pops up with a single notification message tends to gets in the way. This has been completely redesigned for iOS 5. All notifications are put into groups which can be accessed by a simple swipe down from the status bar. The classic notification box has been intelligently replaced by a small subtle message at the top of the screen. With the improved lock screen a voicemail, text message or any other notification can be actioned with just one swipe.

Safari - Safari has been improved with the introduction of tabbed based browsing. A new feature called reader allows users to focus in on the primary content of an article without having to sift through all the clutter around. This is excellent for extracting content on a busy web page. Reading lists is a tool which will compliment the bookmark facility and lists text articles of interest selected by the user. Once added to the reading list it can be viewed across devices using iCloud.

iMessage - iMessage completely revolutionizes the way users send messages to each other. One major improvement is the ability to send unlimited SMS text messages over a WiFi network. Just like on Blackberry Messenger, iMessage will show when a person is typing a new message. Text messages are grouped into conversations. Files such as pictures, videos, contacts and even your location are shared directly through iMessage. Using the iCloud auto sync technology you can start a message on one device and complete it on another.

Newsstand - Don't get Newsstand mixed up with iBooks. Get your favourite newspapers and magazines delivered straight to your device. Users will get an alert notification when updated new editions are released or alternatively, it can be set to automatically update. It makes buying the paper copy of a newspapers or magazine a thing of the past. Newsstand items can be purchased directly from newsstand or from the Appstore.

Camera & photos - Camera for iOS 5 will now also be accessible from the lockscreen directly. This is a great way to take pictures quickly, on the move. Autofocus, enhancements and red-eye removal are some key features included. To take a picture in this mode, simply press the volume up button.

Twitter - Just like Facebook for iOS 4, Twitter has been fully integrated into iOS 5 with the option to tweet from your camera, YouTube, safari and even maps.

Reminders- With iOS 5 both time and location-based reminders are possible. Say you get out of bed and need to remind yourself to ask your boss of a pay rise, you simple add this into the to-do-list for your calendar day and when your device detects that you are walking into your office building you will be sent a reminder. Your to-do list is easily and clearly laid out so you can tick and cross off as you go.

No More PC - One of the beauties of iOS 5 is the fact you no longer need to own a PC or Mac. As long as you have access to a wireless network iOS 5 will setup straight out of the box. So no PC, no USB cable and no iTunes needed.

A word of warning to all Apple enthusiasts out there. Apple has released a beta version of iOS 5 which is available for download on the internet. This was released so that developers can search out all the bugs and glitches. It is not meant for public use and should not be treated as such. As with most beta software it requires constant updating and once your device has been upgraded to iOS 5 beta it is extremely difficult to restore back to iOS 4. So if you are not a developer I strongly suggest you sit tight and wait until Apple releases a public version of iOS 5.

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