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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup - How and Why to Lookup Cell Phone Numbers


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If the topic of running a search on an unknown wireless number is on the forefront of your mind, you may already be dealing with a situation that has you looking for fast and accurate identifying information.

Reverse phone directories are easily found on the Internet, but not all are the same. The hard part is finding a reputable one that can quickly and easily furnish accurate and up-to-date reports. If you know what characteristics you are looking for a reverse phone directory, the process of locating one you can comfortably work with becomes that much easier.

But first, what are the most typical reasons for doing a reverse phone lookup?

The most common reasons are:

(a) verifying the address of a person for which you already have a mobile number,
(b) identifying prank callers and other unknown numbers that repeatedly show up on the caller ID of your phone, and
(c) discovering who is calling your home, cell, or children's phone.

Many of these reasons may be self-evident to you, but for those who have no clue as to why they may ever have need to identify a mobile number, that was for you!

At the end of it, a reverse cell phone lookup is simply a process of matching a person to a wireless number. All you need to have in your possession to gain accurate results is a 10 digit wireless number.

In return for a few bucks, you can quickly discover the following about a mobile phone caller:

(i) full name,
(ii) current and past residences,
(iii) caller's relatives’ names,
(iv) phone type,
(v) telephone carrier.

And that's not typically all the information which will be included in a report. Depending on where the information was originally acquired, you may also be able to discover other telephone numbers that are in the caller's name, home values, income information and a map of the location from where the telephone number was issued.

An important point to take note of is that a reverse phone directory is not the owner of this information. They simply lease or purchase the most recent information contained in the database of the respective mobile phone carrier which is the owner of this information.

So you shouldn't expect all reports to contain identical information in each report. A company like Sprint may collect more or less personal information than a company like T-Mobile. With that said, each report should contain at least the five items mentioned above.

What many people also don't know about reverse phone directories is that they have much more comprehensive databases than those of white pages directories. White page directories are restricted to providing reports for published landline telephone numbers. And of all landline telephone numbers, almost 2/3 are unpublished (or unlisted in the white pages directory). If you're searching a mobile number, you can count on virtually all of them being unlisted in a white pages directory.

But a reverse phone directory has the ability to identify the owners of the following types of phone numbers:

(a) mobile,
(b) voice over IP (VoIP),
(c) landline,
(d) toll-free,
(e) unlisted,
(f) phone system.

A good reverse cell phone directory is really the one and only option for identifying phone numbers that would otherwise remained unidentified. Whether your goal is to lookup cell phone numbers , landline, mobile or any other type of telephone number, this is where you will find consistent, reliable and accurate information.


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How To Use a Cell Phone Reverse Lookup To Identify Unknown Cell Numbers
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