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The Difference Between Cheap Quality Mobile Phones and Cheap Cell Phones


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Almost everyone today requires a cell phone, for different varied reasons. A businessman might require a cell phone to connect with business associates and
family, a college kid might want it to remain connected to his family, friends and be in touch with his online life, while the elderly may use it to be connected to their children and other relatives. Given the varied uses, there are a number of phone models that cater to different uses and requirements.

Since the cost of the cell phone is directly variably to the features that it offers, and because there are several people who do not want the latest model of phones, cheap cell phones are in great demand.

However, many people end up being discontented with their buying decision, simply because they have ignored the differentiation between a cheap quality phone and an actual cheap phone. Here are the top three differences between the two:

A cheap quality cell phone suffers from questionable workmanship:

As soon as you see the cheap quality phone, you must look at the material that is used to make it and the basic look and feel of it. If the material used is
cheap, there is quite a possibility that it may be harmful to human skin with extended usage. Make sure that this is not the case with your phone.

There are several models that are offered by mobile phone manufacturers that cater to people who do not want great features and services. The production
values of these well known mobile phone manufacturers are the same, whether the phone costs $100 or $1000. This is one of the major differences between a
cheap quality phone, and a phone that is offered by a mobile phone manufacturer for cheap.

A cheap quality cell phone will have a questionable warranty

While buying any product, you should have a look at the warranty card that is provided with the product. If the wording of the warranty is ambiguous, or if
the warranty card itself does not exist, you should think again about buying the phone. Even the cheapest phone available with the popular mobile
manufacturers will have a warranty and other service information in place, even before you buy the phone. A warranty is a very important aspect of buying
electronics, because electronic and digital devices are prone to come up with quite small problems which require professional help on a routine basis.

A cheap quality cell phone will have ambiguous service stations Another aspect that you should keep in mind while buying any electronic device is the service that is offers. There are various types of services that are offered, in some cases you can drop off the device at the point of purchase and you will get your device back in a few days, while in some cases you would have to visit the service center to solve the issue - however, with a cheap quality phone, there is a possibility that there is no service center in your vicinity. Make sure that you find out all about the service centers and the type of service that is offered by the mobile manufacturer.

These are just some of the differences that you will find when between a cheap quality phone and a cheap phone. Remember, a cheap phone is not necessarily a product that is made of substandard materials, or a product that does not have the necessary customer support - it is just something that is tailor-made for the requirements and needs of a particular section of the market.

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