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How To Check The Calls Made On Your Husband’s Cell Phone


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If your husband has sounded the alarm bell that he may be cheating on you, the first thing you want to do is find out whether you are actually right about these thoughts that have crept up in your mind. And while you can just go about to him and ask, “Honey, are you carrying on an affair behind my back?” I certainly wouldn’t expect to hear the most truthful of answers if he actually is cheating. So what you should do instead is try to find some verifiable proof.

And there really is no better way to get this started than by doing a check of the calls made on your husband’s cell phone. You can best believe that if your betrothed is carrying on with some tramp behind your back, there is some kind of record of what has been going on between them.

So you’ll want to find out the names of every caller he has spoken and/or exchanged text messages with. To do this, you can either go through all the calls listed on phone billing statements or go through the calls on his phone.

Once you have written down all of the phone numbers you don’t recognize, it’s a simple matter of performing a reverse search on each of these telephone numbers. You probably won’t know for sure what type of telephone number each one is until you search them, so you may want to purchase a membership with a reverse mobile phone directory prior to conducting your first search.

This is because the only type of telephone number you should expect to identify for free are those of landline numbers. Beyond these numbers, you are going to have to consult a paid reverse mobile phone directory. And, in all likelihood, most of the numbers you will be searching will actually be wireless numbers.

But a reverse mobile phone directory is also very good at providing the most detailed report you can possibly obtain on every other category of telephone number you may have found in your search of the calls made and received on your husband’s phone.

You’ll find out each caller’s name, address, age, occupation, and much more.

In short, more than enough information to let you know whether a caller is a possible suspect or not.

And when you have gathered all of these reports, you will be able to narrow things down from there to find out whether or not he has actually been cheating. If he has, you will have all the proof you need to take the appropriate measures in dealing with the situation. If not, you can at least rest easy knowing your worst suspicions were unfounded.

Frustration and annoyance are two common emotions when dealing with missed calls from unknown phone numbers. And even though home and cell phone are very reliable means for capturing a phone number, it’s an entirely different matter when it comes to the logic behind calling these phone numbers back blind. So this is the point where many people look for a way to find out who called their cell phone.

But why you would you simply not want to call the unknown number back without first knowing their identity?

Well, think about this… what if the caller was a business associate or potential client? In these cases, I’m sure you would want to be prepared as possible in order to portray an air of competency and professionalism.

And there are other considerations as well.

What if the call is coming from someone you would prefer to avoid at all costs? Maybe the person calling you is aware that you know his/her mobile number and has chosen to call from an unknown number to trick you into picking up the call or forcing you to call back.

There are many more reasons than this why calling back blind may not be a good idea.

In order to avoid these potentially uncomfortable, awkward, or otherwise embarrassing scenarios, a preferred method for effectively handling the situation is to run a reverse lookup on the number. Should the number be a landline number, there are tons of free databases online that will give you the name and address of the number fast.

If the phone number is an unlisted or wireless number, you will move your search to a phone directory that collects information from private databases. And the results you obtain for each search will cost a fee unless you purchase a membership.

Whichever directory you use, you will learn, at a minimum, the caller’s address and full name. Now, because the fee based directories charge money for results, they offer reports that carry much more information than reports offered by directories that don’t charge money. So if you would like a bit more information than what a free directory can provide about a landline number, you would search the number at the same directory as you would the search a mobile number.

Once you are properly prepared, your next move can be made with confidence.

So whether you want to know who called your cell phone, home phone, or even your work phone, there is never a reason to not deal with these calls fully prepared.

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How To Do a Cell Phone Reverse Search To Identify Cell Phone Calls
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