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Will iPad be the only gaming platform in demand by the end of 2010


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The iPad is still a relatively new platform, but in this humble reviewer’s opinion , the iPad may not have a built-in camera, multitasking capabilities, or support for Flash, but it does have a 9.7-inch high-resolution touch screen and a faster processor than an iPhone 3GS. Though most games for the iPhone and iPod Touch should run on the iPad, many developers are rapidly creating updated “HD" versions of their existing games to take advantage of the device's improved resolution and slightly altered layout.

From the first moment the iPad was announced, users started imagining which games could benefit most from going XL Apple-style. Of course, all developers have charged extra for the iPad version of an iPhone game which users already bought. . Some have already been announced; some we expect to be announced.

These are few iPad Games developed after they were released for iPhone :

Mirror’s Edge for iPad: If you’ve played Mirror’s Edge on the Xbox 360, PS3, or PC, you’ll know how enriching an experience the game can be as you navigate through the game world in a first person perspective.

Command & Conquer Red Alert for iPad: As great as Command & Conquer is for the iPhone, the game’s GUI was the only thing holding it back. Having all of those on-screen commands was necessary for an RTS, which is why Command & Conquer Red Alert seems like a no-brainer for the iPad.

Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad: If you’re a fan of twinstick shooters, Geometry Wars is the best of the best. The iPad version successfully recreates the experience we all know so well from its Xbox LIVE Arcade version

Plants vs. Zombies HD: In case you couldn’t tell from my review, I absolutely love Plants vs. Zombies. Plants vs. Zombies HD for the most part is the same game, but with some slick graphics that takes full advantage of the iPad

We Rule for iPad: Here’s another title that you probably realized I enjoyed from my review. We Rule is the closest thing the iPhone currently has to Farmville

Fieldrunners for iPad: Even though PvZ is a great game, enjoy a good traditional tower defense game and Fieldrunners is by far the best!

Civilization Revolution for iPad: Aside from the obvious (a reworked interface that takes advantage of the iPad's screen acreage) Civilization Revolution improves upon the basic iPhone version by including a Scenario Creator, which allows players to make their own challenges and adds what is essentially unlimited replay value. If there was ever a game for Civ newbies to jump into, this is it.

Cogs HD: Cogs is the tinkerer's dream come true. The game allows players to build or repair increasingly complex machines by sliding or otherwise manipulating parts on a 3D model. Parts like pipes, balloons, and gears are introduced to the player and can be used in several ways.

iPad has been a good a platform of interest since its launch , and has also taken up other markets down . The main impact is on Xbox , PS2 and Nintendo DS .

IPad has come up as a great gaming platform and IPad game development will definitely be a keen interest of iPhone developers and other developers.


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