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Top Three Reasons for a Pay as You Go Cell Phone Plan


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There are many reasons for you to opt for a prepaid cellphone plan. This article informs you about the top three of them.
The cell phone market has changed a lot. Today, it has become a buyer’s market as opposed to the dealer’s and manufacturer’s market that it was a few years ago. Because of the incessant demand by paying customers, cell phone manufacturers and cell phone service providers have had to bring out new and better features and packages, so that their customers stay loyal to them. Most first time cell phone users find the contract plans and packages costs prohibitory. This is one reason why the cell phone service providers lose their clients when cell phones were first introduced. To combat this, the cell phone service providers launched the Pay as You Go Cell Phone plans. Do you require the Pay as You Go Plan? Read on to know more.

What is a Pay as You Go Cell Phone Plan?

As the name suggests, the customer pays a certain amount at the beginning, and has a certain number of ‘minutes’ credited into their accounts. They can then use the ‘minutes’ to make calls. Once the numbers of minutes are exhausted, the customer needs to recharge their account, which is also known as ‘recharging a cellphone’. Of course, this is different from charging the battery of the cell phone. The only charges that a Pay as You Go Plan buyer has to pay are the charges for the minutes, which they have already paid, and any service charges that the service provider may charge.

Whether Pay as You Go Cell Phone plans are good for you or not, depend on the lifestyle that you are currently pursuing. Here are the top three types of people who would benefit from a pay as you go cell phone plan:


Parents who are buying first cell phones for their kids will definitely benefit from the pay as you go cell phone plan. Not only will they be able to ensure that their kids do not make calls that could have been avoided, but it also gives a sense of understanding to the child about finances, budgets, money, etc. Of course, if parents wish to buy a cell phone and make very sure that their kids are not making unnecessary calls, they may opt for the outgoing calls barred services. In this service, the kid cannot make a call, but can receive a call on the cell phone.

People on a Budget:

Pay as You Go Cell Phone Plans are all about budgets and saving money. If you are someone who would like to know the exact amount of money that you would be paying for your telecommunication services per month, this plan works the best for you. Also, pay as you go plans do not have some features which you may not be able to use anyway, so that again brings down the costs of owning a cell phone for you. Anyone and everyone can be on a budget. It can be the teenager who lives off pocket money, or a person who is looking out for their first job, or the person who is between jobs, and the retiree who is content on living on their nest egg – anyone can be on a budget.


Business can also save a lot of money by buying pay as you go cell phone plans. Many businesses offer cell phones services for their employees, who are on the field, or require a cell phone to keep in contact with their colleagues and seniors. To ensure that the individual does not misuse the cell phone, the businesses can provide them with pay as you go cell phone plans.

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