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Use A Reverse Phone Lookup To Find Old Friends And Family


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In days gone by, it used to be very difficult to find out old friends and family we had lost touch with. When people moved, they disconnected their landline phone, and if the new telephone number they acquired at their new address happened to be a unlisted number, it would be very hard indeed to track them down. But today, as more and more people use a cell phone as their main form of communication, it is becoming a much easier to track these people down.

Our friends play a critical role in our lives. Quite often, bonds of friendship run even deeper than family bonds. Friends reflect our views and values, and they are often who we turn to first in all the joys and tribulations of life.

During times of close friendship, it can be difficult to imagine a time when the friendship won’t always be in place. But a friendship that lasts the test of time is something that rarely happens. Friends drift apart for reasons that are too many to count. But then we wish to locate them again. This is where doing a reverse phone lookup can be of great help.

Even if the only thing you have retained of this person is an old telephone number that is no longer in service, you are still likely to find out quite a bit of personal information using this method. An old phone number is typically enough to give us the owner’s old address. Once you find out the owner’s old address, you may be able to find out an email address. And while it’s true that phone numbers change very often, many people tend to keep their email address for years and years – especially through services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL.

So, while the phone number may be disconnected, the email address may still be in use.

When searching for a friend with the aid of the Internet, the most common way is to begin by searching the person’s name. But unless your friend has a name that is very unique, your search results are going to produce more information that you can possibly hope to sort through.

So, you need to take what you know about the person to narrow down your results. Enter such specific things as age, marital status, last city you knew they lived in, and so on. This narrowed search may produce some phone numbers you can use to perform a reverse phone lookup. This search will produce both old addresses and the current address of the owner. From this long list of addresses, you can make a pretty informed decision whether this is actually the person you are looking for.

If you know an old wireless number for the person, this may also be able to give you the person’s current address. Although people will inevitably change their landline phone number when they move, many will keep their cell phone number regardless of where they move. Obtaining this kind of information is a little more difficult that just looking up a landline number, but there are directories that can quickly, accurately, and reliably produce this kind of information.

These search methods are useful for finding both friends and family. And while none of these methods alone may lead you directly to the person’s front door, combined they should eventually get you to where you want to be – and that is reunited with your old friend.

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