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Lets Talk About S60, the Leading Smartphone Platform in the World


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When we buy a shiny new Nseries device, we play with it, we browse internet with it, we make phone calls with it etc. . . But you never asked yourself what OS (Operative System) is running inside them to make them so powerful? A smartphone is like a computer, in fact it *is* a computer, and as HPs run Windows XP/Vista and iMacs run OSX Leopard, the Nseries devices run S60 3rd Edition and more recently S60 5th Edition. Wait, where is the 4th Edition? you might ask. Well Nokia decided ‘'as a polite gesture to Asian customers'’ skip the 4th because 4 is an unlucky number for some Asian cultures.

Anyway, so far we have S60 3rd Ed and S60 5th Edition. Lets start with S60 3rd Edition.
The S60 3rd Edition is as its name says the 3rd edition of S60, there was S60 then S60 2nd Edition and then the most popular, loved, and widely used the S60 3rd Edition. This edition of S60 is to date the most widely used edition of S60, an amazing 46 devices use the 3rd Edition compared to the 13 devices that run the 2nd Edition and the 7 devices that used the S60 (1st Edition). And what exactly is S60? S60 is a software platform, a software platform runs over an OS (Operative System) in this case Symbian. Basically S60 is what runs on the top of Symbian that makes Symbian usable through S60. The S60 is an user interface, and for those who don't know what an user interface is, it is the way that the man (us) communicate with the machine (Smartphones).

And why is S60 so popular? As the slogan from S60 says ‘'S60 is open to new features'’ or ‘'Open to anything'’. The great aspect about S60 is that we can install 3rd party apps easily. With an S60 device users can have more than 100 unique applications and each one does something different to make the device the ultimate tool for almost everything.

An important thing to have in mind is that S60 3rd Ed is a button-only interface, there is no support for touch screen and to date the maximum resolution it supports is QVGA (Quarter Of VGA) which is 240x320 pixels and consequently the maximum acceptable display size is 2.8 inch because if the size gets bigger then the images produced by the screen will look really bad and pixelated. And in an era were touch screen devices with screens of 3.5 inches and with 320x480 of resolution exist, well Nokia was not doing well, isn't it? That was until the S60 5th Edition came and save the day! The 5th Edition of S60 was announced in October of 2008 with the Nokia 5800. This device being mid-range sports a 3.2 inch touch screen with 360x640 pixels of resolution! And that was not the end of it, 2 months later Nokia surprised, rocked, amazed, everyone with a 3.5 inch with 360x640 resolution screen device!! On top of that it has a QWERTY keyboard, 32GB of Built-in memory, 5 Megapixel Camera, GPS and the list goes on for quite a while. This device is the Nokia N97, Nokia's greatest flagship of all times. The 5th Edition is THE new platform, with this platform we probably will see the greatest Nseries devices ever. The N97 is a start, an excellent start. Nokia and S60 reaffirmed themselves as the leaders in mobile technology with the N97, there is no device or OS better than the new N97 and S60 5th Ed.

I hope this short but condensed article explained you in an easy way the basics about S60, Nokia and Nseries.


Edward Umana Nseries Multimedia Computers Blog


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